Almost there!

If you’re seeing this page, then the wheels of progress are crankin’, and verypink has successfully moved to the new server.

If you’d like to read the last post to verypink, you can go here.

Please come back on Monday for the official launch of the new look!

Also, you can subscribe to the RSS feed automatically, or by plugging this link into your news reader:

If you were subscribed to verypink before, you’ll need to resubscribe as the feed link has changed.

See you Monday!

12 comments on “Almost there!

  1. Love the new digs!! Can’t wait for more!! Besides, I need a doggie fix!! (oh my wayyyyyy too many margarita’s tonight!)

  2. Yup.. I decided to make my own blog.. now let’s hope that I can figure this thing out!! I got you linked.. hopefully in the right format. Lemme say this much; one should never create a blogger account after two homemade margarita’s. It’s dangerous!! 🙂 Have a super weekend!

  3. I am loving the new layout.. it’s awesome! love the colourscheme. Can’t wait for it all to be finished

  4. Fancy schmancy! I don’t know if my eyes are going bad, but those sidebar titles look 3-D to me … Either way, very cool!

  5. Ok, now I have to update my look on mine – this looks so cool! I am seriously jealous! As if you have awesome knitting wasn’t enough… =)

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