Brouqht to You By the Letter “Q”

Hopefully this won’t be too distractinq. A fast-topic-chanqinq Friday and a messed up keyboard? Let’s see how it qoes…

img_7121.JPG This is how my keyboard looks riqht now. BROKEN. That important letter of the alphabet that falls between “f” and “h” isn’t really there anymore.

I fiqured that the letter “Q” is a decent replacement. My spell-checker doesn’t aqree.


img_7105.JPG Weddinq present sweater is finished and ready to be handed to the bride.

I have another Austin-tatious weekend planned, which includes a party for the enqaqed couple. Should be a really qood time.


img_7090.JPG Crazy Aunt Purl is so nice! As a thank you for contributinq a pattern to her book, she sent me the nicest care packaqe. It included a siqned copy of her book, lovely yarn, a qift card, and a couple of mix CDs.

I LOVE mix CDs, especially when someone else makes them. These two should make my drive to Austin a breeze.


img_7098.JPG I decided to qet a french manicure, and now my nails look fake.

They are not.


molly.JPG The most knit-for baby on earth just turned five weeks old. This is my niece Molly Renee.

I can’t tell if she’s yawninq, yellinq, or sinqinq, but she’s cute.


img_7119.JPG If you were me, and you were tryinq to eat beef jerky, this is what you would see.

Have a qreat weekend!

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  1. LOL!! Those faces!! You know what they are saying… “Drop it. Come on,DROP it will ya!!??!! ”

    Love the sweater!! its Gorgeous!!

    Have a fun time on your trip and drive safe!!

  2. Love the sweater it looks great! Cute Molly Renee and adorable boys! Their eyes are filled with such hope … haha! I’m not quite sure what’s considered cheesy music, but it sounds like it’ll make for a fun drive!

  3. Hope you have a great weekend. You do deserve it and it will be great to get away I am sure. Molly Renee is totally gorgeous and makes my arms want to cuddle a baby. The wedding gift sweater is sooooo pretty; I love it! Lucky bride. Finally, I so understand and have experienced the beef jerky faces of the boys.

  4. I fear that if you do not “accidentally” drop a piece of that jerky one of them may smother you in your sleep.

    Also ever since you posted about Crazy Aunt Purl I’ve been reading her blog. I think I’m headed to three different Wal-Mart stores today just to rearrange the books so that her books will be on the top shelf. πŸ™‚

    When is the Very Pink book coming out?

  5. My cats gather around just like that when I am eating jerky too! Molly Renee is the most gorgeous baby. She looks older than 5 weeks to me there! Oh the wedding sweat is great as well! Sorry this was a fast topic changing reply…

  6. Hello! Having not heard from you all week I was getting worried (I always think it means your life is over-stressed). First off, the sweater is GORGEOUS! Love the color and style and I know the bride will look beautiful in it. Second, your nails are so perfect. I could never do any metalsmithing with those nails, but I’d love to have them. Third, Molly Renee is adorable. She’s growing so fast I can’t believe she’s already five weeks old! Last, the dogs are killing me! I knew I wasn’t the only person who couldn’t eat alone. Rotten little beggars!

  7. The weddinq sweater looks great – what a fabulous gift.

    If I were me tryinq to eat beef jerky I wouldn’t even be able to fit the camera between my face and theirs.

  8. Love the sweater! Are you taking orders yet? hehe I hope you have a great time in Austin and your nails look fab! how do you knit with them?

    Oooppps – I posted this on the “narrowed” post. Too much caffeine!

  9. Oh my LAWD! I’m the luckiest gal. I can’t wait to try it on. You’re so the flippin’ best.

    Molly Renee is a cutie. Your nails are so envious. I’m actually thinking of going to get a quick mani tomorrow but they will never come out looking as great as yours.

  10. at least the boys weren’t stealing the jerky from you. i’ve had a cat do that to me and then come back 10 minutes later for some cuddle time. siamese. what are you going to do?

    sweater is gorgeous! molly renee is gorgeous. nails are gorgeous, but yes, have a little of that “fake” look to them. they’re “wear” in soon enough.

    have a great weekend!!!

  11. The sweater is adorable, you are so kind to whip that up for the bride.

    I have always noticed and admired your nails…I always have acrylic nails and when ever anyone asks me, “Are those YOUR nails?”…I always say, “Yes” and then under my breath I say..”I payed for them..of course they’re mine!”

    Have a Qreat Weekend!

  12. Molly Renee is so cute, but I think she may be crying?? I know my son did today, had his hair cut and he hates it with a passion. He is strong for just 2 years old (birthday boy).
    I love the sweater, oh my you couldn’t buy something as nice.
    I hope you enjoy your drive, and if your anything like me you might not have any speakers left in your car by the time you get back, good songs must be blasted top volume while driving lol.
    And I love the look on the boys faces, they are just waiting for you to drop it, no 10 second rule in your house I guess lol, you won’t have a chance to pick it up without maybe losing a finger or two in the process, lol.
    And I also love your nails, I wish I could get mine to look so nice. Mine look nice for maybe a day or two then one/two/three will crack or break completely. Mine suck lol.

    have a great weekend.

  13. OMG, the sweater is so beautiful, lucky, lucky bride. I’d ditch the gown and get married in the sweater instead! πŸ™‚

    Your nails look beautiful, too. The one and only time I had a French manicure (for my daughter’s wedding) I broke a nail – MINE – getting into the car afterward. That was ten years ago. Maybe it’s time to do it again, LOL. For some reason I’ve always had great nails. I used to tell people it was because I smoked (ha!), but I quit 7 or 8 years ago, and they’re still good. Maybe it’s wine, eh Staci? πŸ˜‰

    Um, I think Molly RenΓ©e is bawling – and she’s still adorable!

    Boys, boys, doesn’t your mama ever feed you?!?

  14. Molly and The Boys are totally adorable! Love both shots—oh, my nephew is also the most knitted-for baby here! Have a fabulous time in Austin! Hilarious CD jackets—made me laugh. You are THE KNITTER of the decade for cranking out that shawl…..I’m envious! Off to the Taos Wool Festival for the weekend sans my boys—more yarn is on my horizon!

  15. I once lost the letter “m” on my laptop. Do you realize how often you use the “m” key? Like every time you type .com? And at the time I was doing a lot more coding work – so I typed that ALL the time. Oh, good times, good times. I finally learned some weird way of typing that involved curling my pinkie finger under to use the fingernail to tap the keypad where the key itself normally strikes.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend in Austin! I head over there on Monday myself for a few days – can’t WAIT!

  16. Glad you finished the sweater in time, not that there were any worries, of course! The nails look great. I have long natural nails too and am always asked if they’re fake, which is pretty funny. Molly Renee is getting bigger all the time.

  17. I’m dying to know what she put on the really cheesy music cd! I bet it was awesome:)

    OK s I love and admire your tattoo and was thinking of getting something similar (maybe not the flames – or a cat and a ball of yarn or something like that). Anyway – if you got it done in Houston – where did you go?

  18. I once spilled soda on my keyboard. IMPOSSIBLE to clean. Half the letters would stay down when pressed so you would get alot of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa or ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Had to replace the keyboard. boo!

    Oh also there was a whole spread in the Houston Chronicle on Sunday, October 7, about knitting, bloggers and a sweater that looks remarkably like yours. check it out.

  19. Oops folks! The date of the knitting articles was Friday, October 5, not Sunday, October 6. My bad! You will have to do a search once you get to the

  20. My dogs give me the same look with ANY food. They are constantly trying to comfort me by letting me know if I were to drop dead at that exact moment, dropping my food, it wouldn’t decay causing a horrible mess for my loved ones to clean. Dogs are helpful that way.

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