Letting It Unfold

It used to be that my plan was to move to Austin, and my plan didn’t have any shape beyond that. But because of my friends and this amazing thing called The Online, a better plan is coming into focus.

I have made the greatest connection with Stacy who just opened The Knitting Nest in south Austin. After only knowing me through verypink and a few emails, Stacy asked me to teach knitting classes at her store.

Now I have something to do once I get to Austin. I am so grateful. Not only does Staci own the greatest knitting store in Texas, but she is kind, generous, and sympathetic to my situation. I tell ya, it’s a great connection.

So now I have prep work to do before my move. I need to knit samples for the classes I’ll teach, as well as some shop samples for Stacy. Last time I was in Austin, Stacy sent me home with a metric ton of yarn to get me started. I’m glad that I’m a fast knitter. I have been busy.

Here is just the first of many things in the works…

11.JPG This crazy thing.

Doesn’t look like much, but it is The Number One pattern in it’s category on Ravelry.

This will be a shop sample.

22.JPG I’m sure that some of you recognize what this is already. I’m going to to play dumb for a bit.


31.JPG In Spanish: No.
41.JPG In French: Non.
51.JPG In Italian: No.
61.JPG In English: Almost!
71.JPG Viola! The Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann, from her book The Opinionated Knitter.

I swear, it looks nothing like a baby sweater while you’re knitting it. You gotta trust the pattern and press on.

Just a couple of seams, some blocking, and a few buttons needed now.

img_7381.JPG Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a bed and a toy.

Both are destroyed equally in this house.

28 comments on “Letting It Unfold

  1. Congratulations on the new job! How wonderful you get to do something you love and call it a job! I’m very happy for you!

  2. I’m am so happy and excited for your new job and all the new adventures that will come with it!! And your Baby Surprise Jacket is just stunning!!! Do you know yet when you’ll be moving?

  3. Naughty doggies! But too darn cute! Congratulations on your new job, and new beginnings! Clink, clink –a toast! That is wonderful that you have this opportunity. Keep us posted(of course)
    That jacket is quite intriguing, I hadn’t seen it before – definitely looks like a good one to teach in a class. Have a great week.

  4. I’m so glad an opportunity came along quickly and easily. 🙂

    I love the expression on…dog with I think pink nose, so Gus?…Gus’s face, sort of an, “Yes, I did it. And it is good.”

  5. How exciting! My husband is applying to UT-Austin for grad school next year, so I’m glad to hear they’ve got some fabulous knitting going on! I’ve been waiting to try EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket for awhile now — just for the challenge of the origami. I love the way yours turned out!

  6. Oh, I can’t figure out why my email doesn’t work. I’ve checked it 100 times, and it’s right, I’ve tried sending email to and from and replying and forwarding to it, and it works… I don’t know. 🙁

  7. Funny…I haven’t been thinking about the knitting classes as a “job”, but more like “what I’ll be doing”. (Not really much difference, I understand.)

    I’m just happy to go with the flow, and trust that things always work out for the best.


  8. Having those little 4-legged little creatures in your house looks like living with a bunch of 10-yr old boys. I have only one of those and I get enough surprises, thank you very much.

  9. Congratulations on your new job! Before long, Austin will feel like home and I’m sure you’ll have a bunch of new, cool friends.

    Bad doggies, but they look so innocent and cute! Who could be mad at a face like that?!

  10. You know good things happen to good people. I’m glad more of a “plan” is shaping up for you. Good luck on your move and having a job!

  11. Hahahaaa!!! Bellas bed looked like that once!!! Needless to say…she no longer gets a bed in her crate…
    Gotta love the destruction of bed linens!!

  12. Congrats on the job, you really lucked out there. Glad to see things are coming around for you.
    Cute pic of the “toy” bed, lol must have been chewing time.

  13. I just love it when it all seems to come together! I like to look back at life in 5 year intervals – thinking about where I was 5 years ago and where I am today and how the journey is completely different than anything I would have imagined, both good and bad. And what will the next 5 years bring?? 😉

  14. congrats on the job! that sounds like a match made in heaven. what is with b’s and destuffing EVERYTHING?! i just threw out 2 beds due to destuffing lol.

  15. Oh I do wish I were closer so that I could be in your class. Bad, bad doggies—but glad I’m not the only one with a little demon that loves to pull the stuffing out of everything. Thank God for dog gates and laundry baskets to keep stuffed items stuffed. So is this a “pack attack” or just one guilty bad boy?

  16. Congrats on landing such a fun job in your new city. Now you have something you can get really excited about. I bet you will be a phenomenal teacher.

  17. I’m quite sure a trip to Austin is in order — I’ve seen the Wall of Cascade on Flickr (various photostreams) and think I need to experience it. 🙂

    Poor misbehaving boys — don’t they know you weren’t REALLY ignoring them?

    I love your Baby Surprise! Elizabeth Zimmermann would be proud.

  18. I love the perspective in the puppy pic. Little Ikey’s ears popping up ever so tiny in the background. So, what happens to the bed. I’m sure there’s no island of misused beds…

  19. that is awesome news. I know you’ll do a fantastic job.

    That baby jacket is SO adorable, not to mention, in the colour of the season dahling! 😀

  20. How very cool you have something so wonderful to look forward to. I’ll bet you have a blast and think of all the knitters you’ll meet in your new town.

    And oh yeah – we have a bed-shredder here too. Stuffing all over the place. I’ve given up finally.

  21. Oh good, I’m glad that things in Austin are looking so good! I love your Gretel hat, btw, and the baby surprise is adorable.

  22. Yay for you! How fun to have a good connection and this way you will make more. It’s always good to keep the mind busy and this will do it. I love that baby surprise and the color is dee-lish!

  23. I know that from a shop owners perspective it is a pleasure to be able to provide the kind of opportunities Stacy has given you. The best part is that it is a two way street – both parties gain so much. It is all very exciting.

  24. That does it – I’m moving to Austin! 🙂 Have you ever taught anyone else to knit? As fast as you do it, it seems as though it would be tortuous teaching beginners! 😉

    The Baby Surprise Jacket is awesome! I couldn’t even imagine what it was going to be.

    It’s so good to see that things are falling into place for you, Staci.

    Beneath his dignified tuxedo, Abe is a little wild man!

  25. I read this post the other day but didn’t get a chance to comment. But I just wanted to thank you for the pics of the BSJ. I haven’t knit this yet, but I was always wondering what the “surprise” was — now I see. That EZ was one resourceful woman!

    I also wanted to wish you well in Austin. Picking up and moving to a new city can be frightening AND exciting and I am EXCITED for you! Glad to see things are already falling into place. Cheers!

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