Boing, Boing, Boing

A fast-topic-changing Friday! It should be in title caps! A Fast-Topic-Changing Friday!

First up, mini trampolines (aka trampettes, rebounders) were constantly bouncing into my field of vision, which made me want to give one a try.

img_7456.JPG A trip to the sports store and $19.99 later, I had me one.

It is so fun! It’s jogging and bouncing, without pressure on the joints. In fact, there are a whole host of benefits to be found on the very trustworthy Online, including happier lymphatic circulation. Who knew?

I like the fact that I can place it directly in front of the tv and bounce to The People’s Court.

img_7459.JPG Abe likes it, too.


img_7449.JPG Could it be? Might I be knitting my TENTH Clapotis?

Yes. It’s a shop/class sample for The Knitting Nest.

I might hold the world’s record for Clapotis. If anyone knows of a knitter who has made more of these than me, please let me know.


img_7443.JPG I got the coolest free gift.

I happen to order all of my skincare from a certain website (I’ll tell ya if you really want to know), and they were having a “free cocktail ring with purchase of $1.4 million dollars” or so. I’m a sucker for free gifts.

I’ve actually been looking for a ring like this! And it’s really metal, and it’s just my size. But it gets even better…

img_7448.JPG Lip gloss!


img_7461.JPG Here is proof that I feed my dogs things other than mini trampolines and Harry Potter scarves. Here they are enjoying a nice bowl of Froot Loops for dinner.

Have a great weekend!

31 comments on “Boing, Boing, Boing

  1. I’m loving the mini trampoline. I don’t like to sweat and I hate heat and humidity (why is it I live in Houston? Oh, yea, I own a yarn shop). This could be the perfect solution! The big question is – can I knit, jump and watch tv?

  2. And here I just threw away the directions because it is so over my head! Maybe I need to stop everything else and try to concentrate!

    How high off the ground is that mini-tramp? How big around? What’s the likelihood of falling off and breaking a leg? πŸ˜‰

    Wow, what a nice set-up for the boys! (I’d have given Abe bread and water instead of Froot Loops!)

  3. I order skincare products online, too. Who do you buy from?

    I’ve only done two Clapotis, so far. I love them, and there’s always one on my back burner.

  4. I totally know where you scored the lip gloss ring! Love it!

    The Clapotis colors are awesome (you fast knitter you!) I think you should go for a knitter’s dozen. πŸ™‚

  5. “aka trampettes” . . . made me snort and snicker like a 5th grader! I gotta get me one of those.

    Also, I think my Moses has been checking out your Blog, after going months with out destroyed pillows or beds he started de-stuffing his bed this week.

  6. I have so got to get out of my comfort zone with knitting and try a Clapotis! And where do you buy your stuff? I wanna know! And the mini tramp sounds like a good idea for me and my aching bones!!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. I don’t mind saying where I order my skincare, I just didn’t want to sound like I was advertising for them. I use A bonus for ordering with them is that they send out their products in black drawstring satchels…so now I have a TON of knitting project bags.

  8. Whoops – one more thing.

    I swear I didn’t make up the word “trampette”. I got it from the BBC America show called “You Are What You Eat”. Love that show, but it’s totally brutal.

  9. ok, i’m coming out of lurkdom to say confess that i’m rushing over to ravelry to (hopefully) check out photos of your many clapotis! i have yet to submit to the clapotitis that seems to be oh-so-catching, but i feel my knitting-pattern-immune system weakening on this one…

  10. WOW, I love the yarn you’re using for the Clapotis! Every time I see one of your Claps it makes me want to cast on for one right away πŸ™‚

  11. I think you totally made the right choice for the Clapotis yarn – it’s gorgeous! Next time you’re here we need to go through the book and order lots more. And I’m so glad to read I’m not the only knitter in the world who has yet to knit a Clapotis – I doubt I’ll be able to say that by the end of the year!! Hurry up here – this wheel is driving me crazy!!!!!!!
    I. can. not. leave. it. alone.

  12. Once again, great foot photo! πŸ™‚

    We had one of those small trampolines when our son was younger….he was very active and…well for lack of better word, HYPER. Whenever he started acting up we would send him to his room to jump. It worked wonders for his attitude.

    Love the ring. Are ya gonna wear it on your next dinner date? LOL

    Hugs and kisses to the boys. Have a great weekend.

  13. As always, Staci – love your post. So nice to see that the boys can eat so nicely together. Why does one get is bowl on a riser? One of my dogs always eats laying down. You’d think that would be better for their digestion but I don’t know any other dog who does that.
    Love your mini-tramp. Can’t believe there’s a chomp out of it so quickly. Silly boys.

  14. See I knew 7 year old boys and dogs were the same!! Timmy had the same for breakfast this morning-or was that last week? Oh the difference being one eats at the table and 4 eat under the table. Right? ha ha

  15. Hi Denise – you noticed the food on the riser! Did you notice that the water is up, too?

    Gus is still nursing a neck injury, for which he is still getting acupuncture. It’s just more comfortable for him to eat with his bowl off the floor. Makes him feel special, too.

    There are actually THREE chomps out of my mini-tramp already. The first two occurred within 5 minutes of assembly. Then I sprayed the whole thing down with Bitter Apple, and the third chomp is much smaller. I suppose Abe decided the bad taste just wasn’t worth it.

  16. Okay, I love the mini trampoline. But I have to object to calling it a ‘trampette’. That’s what I call any woman under 15 wearing too much makeup and not enough clothing.

    As always, the knitting is lovely. I only have the one Clapotis, and it has yet to make it to my Ravelry. Like so many other things… sigh.

    Have a great weekend!

  17. Your dogs are just too cute! And that ring, that would solve the ‘where the hell is my lip gloss in this giant purse’ problem. No, I am pretty sure no one has knit more Clapotis…Nice work!

  18. ok, ewww. I just checked out If you click on the “natural and organic” tab on the right, you go to a page that has…. right in the middle… a naked girl holding a goat. um. yea. I highly encourage going organic, but I’m sorry, putting on your birthday suit and snuggling up to the livestock is just a little over the top for me!

  19. Looks like fun! Wow, another Clapotis – it’s very pretty! Also, your pups look great in the Gryffindor scarf, even if they weren’t totally thrilled with the idea. Have a great time teaching knitting classes. I’m sure you’ll be great : )

  20. HI Stacy ! I am catching up on fun stuff today, and this is it. I laughed (in sympathy) to the tramppoline pic, it is so funny the things that B’s choose to make their own.

    I hope that things are going well for you, the dogs and your toes all look fabulous !


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