Widdle Fings

Sometimes even an emotionally stable person can’t avoid baby talk.

Especially in the presence of so many tiny, cute things.

100_1625.JPG First up, my niece. This is Molly Renee at 10 weeks with her mom (aka my sister).

Recently, someone on the street mistook Molly for a boy. Since then, Phyllis has been careful to cover her in pink and bows.

A boy? Really? Only in Alaska.

img_7481.JPG Next little, cute thing – these tiny mittens.

I made these as a shop sample for The Knitting Nest, to help show off the Baby Ull yarn.

I love this pattern, so much that this isn’t the first pair of these mittens I’ve knit.

img_7480.JPG Yet another cute thing…here is the Baby Surprise Sweater I knit a few weeks ago, but this time with buttons.

The buttons aren’t actually attached yet in this photo.

img_7488.JPG Are you about to reach your limit on little cute things? I wasn’t going to take a photo of Little Lou’s head, but he got curious about what I was doing.

The sweater is my latest WIP, Basic Black from the new MagKnits, knit with Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in Chocolate.

img_7495.JPG Little Lou again, looking kind of huge from this angle.

23 comments on “Widdle Fings

  1. A boy?! I had no idea that Alaskans had gender mis-identification problems, but come to think of it, they do all dress alike up there. When Kandis was a baby (in Washington state), She was bald as a cue ball, so I dressed her in all pink with bows. People still came up to me and said “isn’t he cute”. So, pink doesn’t always do it. I like Basic Black, it’s’ on my list. You made a nice yarn choice.

  2. Saw the mittens and the Baby Surprise this weekend at the Nest – absolutely adorable and we’re lovin’ the store! We were in for Kid N Ewe (down from Dallas) and think we overwhelmed Staci – but we had fun in the store! We’re already wanting to come back if Franklin comes!

  3. Cute niece.
    Cute mittens.
    Cute sweater.
    Cute dog.
    You are surrounded by cuteness!

    When my twin sister and I were infants a very old lady stopped my mom and told her how cute we were and referred to us as boys. My mom didn’t want to be rude and correct her out right so she just told the lady, “Their names are Tami and Tori”…and the lady said, “Tony and Shorty…how precious!”

  4. Love the Basic Black! It’s been added to my Ravelry queue, and I just got the hubby’s permission to buy the yarn…once I’ve finished all my Christmas knitting, that is….why is he so cruel? 😀

  5. loving those mittens! I cant decide whether I like the pink or the green better. I think the pink. So tiny!

    and your neice is such a cutie. I bet she’s going to be as gorgeous as her auntie and her mum when she grows up 😀

  6. Awww, Molly is definitely a cutie! I love that you made another of those fairisle mitts, I need to get that Dale book so that I can make them.

    Basic Black is on my to-knit list, too. Although mine might be basic and purple…

  7. So stinkin’ cute! Molly definitely looks like a girl if you ask me 🙂 Camdyn always gets mistaken for a boy (EVEN in the pink and bows) so I really know how annoying it can get!

  8. So many cute things in one post, but the cutest is little Molly Renee. What a sweetie! I can’t believe anyone would mistake her for a boy! I can’t wait to see my own nieces next week.

  9. Awesome post! Molly Renee is gorgeous, I can’t see how someone thought she wasn’t a girl! Love the knitting that you’re doing for the shop – everything’s so wonderful and perfect! Love that sweater – I want to make that one too! And I love the colour you chose – awesome. And I just want to scritch Lou’s bum -he’s so cute! It’s all so very exciting!

  10. Your niece is just ADORABLE! And all the mittens, baby jacket, everything!! looks fabulous! 🙂 Of course, Mr. Lou is looking all handsome!!

  11. Molly has the prettiest eyes, and anyone who’d mistake her for a boy would do well to look into getting glasses. 😉 Her momma’s pretty, too!

    LUV the little mitties and the sweater surprise. You must get so tired of hearing it!

    Been meaning to ask: is there a way to shorten knitted sleeves on a store-bought sweater? I have two expensive (for me, LOL) sweaters, but the sleeves are about 6 inches too long and they drive me wild. Is this where steeking would come in?

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