Less Stitching, More Stacking

Instead of wool and alpaca and cotton and silk, my attention has been focused on other materials – namely cardboard and tape.

img_7508.JPG And a black magic marker, of course.
img_7509.JPG The art of knitting has been replaced by the art of stacking and lifting…
img_7511.JPG And sorting, and sorting, and sorting.

Packing and moving is one thing…but inspecting every single item to decide whether it’s “his” or “hers” is time consuming.

I’m not complaining. It’s actually sort of cleansing.

img_7513.JPG Speaking of cleansing, my closet positively echoes right now.

“Big picture” details soon.

img_7518.JPG The dogs and I have a deal. As long as I move the dog beds around the house to follow the sun, they won’t unpack what I’ve packed.

Win win!

20 comments on “Less Stitching, More Stacking

  1. Man, that’s a tough job, but it will be so worth it in the end! Congratulations on keeping a good attitude and staying classy. Good luck with the move and keep those beds in the sun! Littles is all distressed it’s gotten colder here so she hangs out near the heat registers. It’s really pretty funny to see her all puffed out!

  2. I’m worn out just looking at all the boxes. Just think how toned you’ll be. Think of all the extra desert you could eat!
    The dogs are jealous of the sun (me too), we just have rain. But they do get to nap in front of the fire, which is pretty good.

  3. ugh. i hate moving. not to worry. i’ll hate it for you. it must be nice though, being able to not have half that stuff now. i wish i could do that. only i don’t have anyone to kick out of my house. hmm…


  4. I hate moving. But I kinda like the unpacking part. It’s always cleansing to start fresh in a new place. At least you don’t have boxes of yarn to move! (Though at least they wouldn’t weigh much)

  5. YAY!!! Hopefully this means you’ll be in Austin soon!! And as Tammy said –staying classy- thing, yeah! Also, did you know that your closet actually is as large as my son’s room?

  6. those hanging-clothes boxes are neat! it’s hard work going through everything, but it is a very cleansing experience. you’ll feel better when you are done. and gus is cute as usual!

  7. You are keeping such a good attitude! I really hate packing and moving and unpacking. Really.
    No, really.

    I need wine.

  8. So I bet this is when you’re REALLY glad you’re a “stashless” knitter, huh?

    I love to pack (and move) — it’s always the unpacking that gets to me. I’ll be toasting (virtually) your new life!

  9. I swear I thought “that must be really cleansing” when i started reading this post. I moved a whole bunch of times and it felt kinda good to have to let go of so much stuff.
    And I’m really digging that closet-box.

  10. Oh my, I’d rather you then me right now, I hated packing. You said his and her stuff, does that mean you will have to see him?? If so I hope it goes ok.
    At least the doggies are staying out of your way. My little boy didn’t like making deals lol, I used to have to try and wait till he was napping or sleeping before I’d get at the packing, believe me that takes a long time that way lol.
    When you get all this done and your moved, make sure to do something nice for yourself.

  11. Oh jeez…. ya know Staci, even though we live in the same city (for now, anyway)and we have lots in common (knitting, lots of dogs, approx. same age, living in same area) we have never met. However, I feel as if you are my friend, because of your blog that I have read for quite a while now. I haven’t left a message on your blog lately because I wasn’t sure what to say to you during this renaissance of your life. Seeing those boxes made me sad and I just wanted to give you a big hug and to say that I wish the very best for you and yours in your new chapter. Keep your chin up and as always, KBO. (keep buggerin on)

  12. I’m one of those people that doesn’t mind moving. It’s a good time to get rid of stuff that’s not needed anymore. It’s also a little weird. I mean, if you live in an apartment, when all your stuff is in boxes, the place looks so much more spacious! And there are the echoes! I wish you good times.

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