Chapter One

And so it starts!

Here are the facts:
1. I live in Austin now
2. I have two dogs with me, Ike and Abe
3. I love it here.

In normal verypink style, let’s tell more with photos. (I have a special request of you, dear reader, at the very bottom of the post.)

img_7604.JPG The dogs are having a great time. It is so fun to watch them tear around in the big backyard.

There is the added bonus of squirrels in the trees! (I seriously pity the squirrel that decides to come down from the tree to face these two.)

img_7620.JPG Same furniture (minus a desperately-needed rug), new front room.

I still have a lot of work to do on the house, but the basics are all here now.

It’s a dark, cloudy day. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make the room look as bright and cheerful as it usually looks.

img_7607.JPG I threw the dog beds on my bed while I had boxes everywhere, but Ike has decided that this is where they belong.

I suppose I have to let the dogs have their say, too.

img_7635.JPG And now, a request…

I love getting Christmas cards. LOVE IT. I’ve been a little bit worried about myself during this time of transition and Christmas on my own, but I know that receiving cards in the mail will make it feel like Christmas for me. Here’s my shameless request: Please send me a Christmas card.

Staci P.
c/o The Knitting Nest
160 West Slaughter Lane, Suite 200
Austin, Texas 78748

45 comments on “Chapter One

  1. love it. so glad you’re right down the street from me now.

    i think the bed on bed action is a good choice. extra cushioning and all that.

    that shot of abe hunting squirrels is fab. love the way his little legs and feet look.

  2. Staci,

    I hope this adjustment has been as easy as possible on you and the boys.

    Your house is beautiful and it will feel like home in no time.

    Will you get custody of the other two boys on alternative weekends and holidays?


  3. Abe looks the most excited I’ve ever seen him in photos! He must love the new yard. I will put a card in the mail as soon as my order arrives. Sadly, I’ve been wondering if I really have 20 people to mail these things to so it works out perfectly 🙂

  4. Hi Staci, hoping that the transition will be a piece of cake! Your new home is gorgeous, and it looks like Ike and Abe love their new home. My card to you will be in the mail soon!

  5. The house is lookin’ good and Abe and Ike seem very happy too. Everything’s gonna be all right.
    Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

  6. Yay! Someone else appreciates Christmas cards! I am toooootally sending you one now! Well, not *now*, but before Christmas for sure.

    I’m so happy you’re getting all settled in with your boys! I love new beginnings! I hope you’re having a fabulous time making a brand new life for yourself and your soon-to-be squirrel-chompers. Yay!

  7. Oh, so good to hear from you. I am working on my Christmas card list, so not to worry. I’ve got you down and you will definitely receive a Christmas card from me! I love getting cards in the mail myself. I’m glad you made it safe and sound to Austin!

  8. Hooray, you DID it!

    Abe looks like he’s in his element, and Ike looks likes he’s saying, “I ain’t movin!” The dogs have got it good. 🙂

    It looks great on a dull day so I can just imagine the living room on a brighter one. What does the outside of the house look like? Is it one story or two?

    OMG, I bought an ornament just like that for my grandson last year!

    A card will be in the mail tomorrow. 🙂

  9. Hey Staci! Glad to hear the move went well. I’ll miss you at SnB butI think that it is great that you are starting a new chapter in your life.

  10. That’s odd… I sometimes feel as if I live there too. Now I know who’s sleeping in my cot!
    Glad to have you in Austin with us Staci!!

  11. You got it!!!

    I hope the transition is easy on everyone. I “assolutely” (Just watched Happy Feet) love your new house and I will be visiting next time I’m in Austin.

    P.S. Watch for an email with the Adventures of Raisin and Rudy (my foster). I swear the only thing keeping them from putting an eye out is they don’t have thumbs and can’t run with scissors.

  12. Staci,

    The house is beautiful and I am sure the boys are going to love that huge backyard! The poor squirrels are going to be so traumatized! Heehee.

    Christmas Card will be coming your way shortly!

  13. Congrats Staci on being in your new home! It looks beautiful! And I have added you to my Christmas card list!!! (If I can quit being a slacker and get them finished!!)
    Have a great week!

  14. Slaughter Lane?? That almost makes Burning Hills (my street) sound normal.

    I have plans to make a Christmas card or two soon, so I’ll send one to you too.
    Central SnB misses you.

  15. Despite best laid plans I’ve actually never managed to send any christmas cards, but should something startling happen this year you’ll be the first to get one. Maybe I’ll just give you a christmas hug beacause YOU’RE FINALLY HERE! YAY!

  16. Congratulations on your beautiful new home and great new home town!

    Are you going to keep coming back to Robert for your hair? He is the greatest! I’ve sent him 2 more happy clients.

  17. Welcome to Austin Staci!
    I guess Slaughter does sound gross–I just never think
    about it anymore!

    I have a great GYN, Chiropractor, and hairdresser, should you
    need names!

  18. Oh it looks wonderful so far — very cozy and serene too. You are definitely getting a card from me!

    Hi Ike!
    Hi Abe!

    Squirrels will keep them SO happy and continually occupied!

  19. Look at all these friends you have! Talk about support 🙂 I think everyone loves getting x-mas cards hehe Your house is beautiful and the dogs look great. How is Ike getting along without Gus?
    I wish I could come and take some of your knitting classes! My mother taught me to knit and purl when I was home, and also some basic crocheting and I’m doing the baby blanket thing. I really want to learn more though. All that tension stuff screws me up though and I really want to learn to make socks!
    I can’t wait to hear all your updates from your new life, it’s going to be so exciting for you I think!

  20. Lovely! Be proud for all that you have accomplished so far. I hope the dogs are doing ok being separated, hopefully you’ll get them back??

  21. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m am so excited for you as you start your new chapter in your life. And I LOVE the sock monkey at the end. My 29 year old monkey, Mildred, is my dearest possession!

    Card in the mail soon…

  22. I was so happy to wake up this morning and see this post!! I dropped what I was doing at 5:30am and got your card ready to mail. This new chapter in your life is going to be so AMAZING!!

    PS Just wanted to let you know how much joy your blog brings me!! (((((HHHHHUUUUUGGGGGSSSSS)))))

  23. OMG, can’t believe I’ve missed this post until today. Love the fireplace by the way and I’m sure the boys love the yard. Can’t wait to see and hear more. Glad you’re getting settled in. Take care and pamper yourself.

  24. Congrats on getting moved in. The house looks beautiful. Let us know how the other two boys are doing when you can. In the meantime I am looking forward to the new adventures of Ike and Abe…Oh what fun to have a big back yard!

    Putting a card in the mail today.

  25. Congrats on being all moved in! I’m a super slacker on the card front, but if I get my butt in gear you’ll be seeing a card from me.

    My question is – where are the triangles? You better have taken them with you.

  26. Staci, I love the new digs !

    As soon as my cards get to me I will make sure that one gets to you. You better move the B’s beds off your bed asap, it does look way too

    Are the B’s and you all adjusting ok ? I am glad that you have them…

  27. I’m sad that you’re gone from Houston and I didn’t get to see you before you left. (Not driving for a month sucked.) So if I come to Austin, can I visit you there? 😀 Give some love to the dogs for me, and I’ll be sending you some holiday goodness!

  28. congratulations! this is definitely a good opening to a brand new chapter for all of us. for me, i’m diggin in my heels and keeping the thing i love the most and the nay-sayers can go jump in lake mendota. as soon as i find the cards i’m looking for, yours will be the very first one posted! i can’t wait to see more pictures of your new digs. 😀

  29. love the new digs. as for the card, i will send one as well. my mailbox has no cards because i have neglected that part of christmas myself. you don’t receive what you don’t send…next

  30. You’re going to have a ton of cards!

    I’m so glad things are looking so great. You and your boys must be enjoying the new digs. Not to mention the squirrel channel, which is what we call all the craziness in the trees around here.

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