Campaign Promises Delivered

Back in September, I started my No More Short Socks Campaign. I say “campaign”, which makes it sound like a really big deal, like my socks were running for office or something, but it was really just my little thing.

I have the results of the first socks that adhere to the new rules: toe-up design (no yarn wasted), and massive yardage (Fearless Fibers gives you 550 yards of sock yarn).

The design is my own, called Bubbles Down the Drain. I’ll write up the pattern and make available soon.

img_7707.JPG These socks feel so good! Snuggly wooly goodness all the way up to my knees.

Because I designed these socks to be a custom fit for anyone’s legs, they stay up!

Here’s proof:

img_7713.JPG They stay up while waiting in line at the bank…
img_7714.JPG While reaching for a book off the top shelf…
img_7712.JPG Even surfing!
img_7716.JPG Here’s the “during the photo shoot” story.

These socks are so long that I had to remove my jeans for the photo shoot. Abe brought my jeans into the dining room, and then tried to remove a tissue from my pocket by ripping a hole from the inside.

He still acts like such a puppy.

img_7719.JPG Ike, of course, is too dignified to participate in any silly tissue-retrieving mission.

This has become Ike’s “spot”. I will forever have dog beds on my bed to keep him happy.

12-14-07.JPG One last note…I’ve decided to take part in a photo project on Flickr called 365days. The rules are that you have to post a self-portrait every day for one year – self-timers and tripods are fine, but no one else can click the shutter. I expect this to be an adventure in creativity and self-discovery.

You can see what I have so far in my Flickr 365days set.

17 comments on “Campaign Promises Delivered

  1. Oh I love those socks! I’m such a toe-up kinda gal that I’m currently rewriting a pattern just to get the most yardage out of my yarn! Plus, it’s so nice to try on as you go – though I don’t recommend doing it too often as it can feel pretty defeating when you realize you’re at the ankle and have half a ball left. 😉

  2. Hi Kate – I used EVERY LAST BIT OF YARN on those socks. I actually sort of ran out while casting off the second sock. I had to go back and weave in the ends, salvage the leftover tails, and use them to finish the cast-off. Crazy. I seriously had like three one-inch bits of yarn leftover.

    S t a c i

  3. the photo shoot rocks. i like the reaching for a book one the best.

    i am so digging watching all the 365 days. i totally want to start it but i really want a new camera first. glad you decided to do it.

  4. Staci, I LOVE the socks, I have to go out and buy some long ones to wear with my winter boots, I hate the feel of the boot against my legs, so I wear the thin long socks. I wish I had your talent. I am looking forward to watching your 365 days pictures. Should be interesting.
    You look great, Texas must be good on you. 🙂

  5. Love seeing the shots in your new house and think the 365 (or 366!) self portraits is a great concept. Now I’m thinking about it for 2008… (great socks, too – I’ve ordered from Fearless Fibers & never disappointed).

  6. You Are Amazing!
    You have just bought a house, moved to a new town, kept knitting like crazy, started a new job, braved the new streets, started a new 365 days photo project,(by the way, didja notice the “girls in Converse” invite?) and I know there are tons of other cool, and not so cool, “firsts” and new experiences that you’ve already had that you haven’t mentioned. Very impressive! You should realize how brave you are, and be very proud. You’ve done way more in the past few months than most people have done in the past year, or more! Some of what you’ve been doing has been out of necessity, and some might have been done just to keep your mind busy, but either way, I hope you will take time to slow down a bit and realize what a cool person you are, and pamper yourself a bit. You deserve it!
    I am continuing to wish you the best, and will eventually get my photo Christmas card off to you, after I have struggled with my computer to get it made!
    Take care.

  7. I love the socks! I have a skein of Fearless Fibers in my stash. I definitely want to get the most out of its great yardage. Fearless Fibers – kinda like you and your big move!

    Both of my dogs are over five years old and they still act like puppies. They love to eat, um, undergarments. Gross, but true. I have to keep my clothes off the floor. I’m a terrible failure at it.

  8. Great socks! I don’t see anything “fearless” about them though. You had to have been a little scared about yardage and all especially towards the end. You definitely deserve a “Fearless Badge” now upon completion.

    Also, please do tell the secret for taking such great self portraits! When I have attempted them they are awful! Then I see yours and think, “look, even while driving” a great picture! Must be the longer arms or something…..I am truly in awe!

  9. Hi Kristi – Regarding the self-portrait thing…I have two tripods (a tiny one and a regular-sized one), and I’m really good at using the self-timer on the camera. My arms are long, but not that long.

    S t a c i

  10. Excellent post, love the socks and the cutey-patooty dog photos! Other commenters are correct, you have sure done a heck of a lot of stuff over the past couple of months! Way to go !You rock!

  11. You are lucky that it was only the pocket and not a more important area….

    I love the surfin’ socks, and the 365 days is a fascinating idea, this should be really fun, but challenging on the bad days 🙂

  12. love the socks! the colour is really pretty too. Your gratuitously plugged for card is in the mail 🙂 hopefully you will recieve it before christmas! 😀

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