Trying to Wish You a Merry Christmas

Camera? Check.

Tripod? Check.

Ten-second timer operating correctly? Check.

Treats for bribing? Check.

Dogs ready? Oy.

one.JPG “Oh, you’re a good boy. I wish your brother was in this photo…”
two.JPG “Okay, dang. Can you just…




three.JPG “Up here! Up here next to me! C’mon…”
four.JPG “Well, umm…


five2.JPG This is the best we could do.

Merry Christmas from Staci, Ike, and Abe!

30 comments on “Trying to Wish You a Merry Christmas

  1. Besides being a little flustered, you look soo happy!!! Your hair is really cute too! Merry Christmas Sis! Kiss the boys

  2. Thanks for the out-loud laugh! Boy did my holiday season need it! Merry Christmas to you all in your adorable home.

  3. Merry Christmas, Staci and boys. I love the photos (you look great!) and the all-out action shots of the dogs. 🙂

    P.S. I want your haircut. Mine is fugly.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and the boys! May this be a wonderful new beginning for you and the kids as you start your new life in a new city! May peace bless you during this season.

    Kiss the boys for me.. they look soooooo cute!!!!!!

  5. Let me tell you, the cats here at Casa Tigger are in no way more cooperative when it comes to taking pictures, and they seem to view it as their Christmas mission to tackle and take down the tree before the holidays are over – sigh!
    Glad you got the card!
    Merry Christmas to you and the boys from snowy Styria, land of Arnold!

  6. Staci, happy Christmas to you and the boys! Did they yodel at Santa sometime in the wee hours! Did he leave them lumps of coal? 😉

  7. Merry Christmas to you and the doggies! I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday! (And a card is coming, I swear. LOL) Have a fabulous New Year, too!

  8. That’s a brilliant picture! But, so you all three match, you should have started wiggling around, too. It would be an abstract-type christmas photo.

  9. What a fun series of photos. Thanks for sharing them with us. Hope you and the boys had a very Merry Christmas! My new puppy is…..well a puppy! We are still getting up a couple of times during the night to go potty. It’s like having a baby all over again. LOL

    Have a great week and do something fun for NYE.

  10. Hey Staci! You guys look great, I’m pretty impressed that you managed to get both of them in a picture at the same time! Hope you had a really great day.

  11. Staci, Merry Christmas to you too! Lots of good wishes
    for your family in your new life. What a blessing fur friends are.
    Cute series of pics. Your new digs look great
    and so does your hair, love the cut.

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