Friends Again

It’s a fast-topic-changing Friday, but first, a story with a happy ending.

You may have gleaned the fact that I have been fighting with Anne Boleyn (my headless knitwear stunt-double). I was offended by how she was keeping her bedroom in the new house, and when it came to fitting hand knits, she was failing me miserably.

But I realized the source of our problems. While I’ve been on The Divorce Diet, Anne has not. I have neglected her. Anne and I have since spent a little quality time with the tape measure, and we cleared things up. (She is adjustable.)

I should really stop calling it “The Divorce Diet”, and start calling it something more positive like “The Single Gal with an Active Social Life Diet”.

img_7953.JPG I would like to take this time to publicly apologize to Anne Boleyn.

From now on, I will try to be a better roommate.

Proof that we are friends again.

img_7968.JPG Here she is modeling my latest knit for myself…Basic Black from MagKnits.

Pretty color! Great fit!

Ummm…not really…

img_7970.JPG This is the truth. It’s huge. In fact, everything I’ve knit for myself over the last several months fits like this. I’ve been using fancy photo-styling techniques to keep that fact a secret.

I’ve been knitting everything to fit Anne, and she and I were different sizes.

Now that Anne and I are friends once again, this is the LAST ill-fitting sweater that I will knit. I declare it!

Ravelry details


img_7944.JPG Just because I haven’t been talking much about knitting on verypink doesn’t mean I haven’t been knitting.

Here is a baby dress I designed for The Knitting Nest, made with Babyboo bamboo/nylon yarn.

I’m really happy with it! The free pattern will available soon here on verypink and at The Knitting Nest.


img_7949.JPG And another…

This is Vestee from, knit with Fantasy by Dark Horse Yarns.

I am NOT normally one who knits with synthetic fibers…but this is the NICEST acrylic yarn I’ve ever encountered.

Ravelry details


img_7810.JPG Before…
img_7976.JPG …and after. A rug made a huge difference in my front room.

Little by little, I’m getting this place the way I want it.


img_7934.JPG Yeah, I know. I can hardly stand to live with all of this adorableness. It’s exhausting.

Have a great weekend!

16 comments on “Friends Again

  1. A big HELLO to the boys. They look very happy sun-bathing in their new yard.

    LOVE the rug! It did make a big difference. Your house is beautiful.

    All these baby girl things are making me wish I had a little girl. Hubby will not be happy with you. LOL Don’t worry….we can’t have anymore. But at this time if we did get pregnant and have a girl, I would have to seriously consider naming her Staci. LOL

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I’m sorry the sweater doesn’t fit. Are you going to reknit? I suppose you could tailor it by sewing up the sides with a sewing and cutting off the excess.

    The baby dress is adorable. I can’t wait for the pattern!

  3. I agree, the rug is a huge difference–love it and love the spaciousness. I thought you looked much slimmer in one of your 365 photos. Glad you made up with Anne and by the way you both look great.

  4. So glad you and Ann have resolved your differences! Love the sweater (at least when it looks like it fits) and the little dress is precious! I want the pattern for my mom. Since she knits, it would be a perfect addition to my nieces’ wardrobes.

    The rug makes the room look so cozy and warm. Nice addition. And the dogs are beyond spoiled. I know spoiled since I have two rotten cats here in my house. Happy New Year!

  5. happy new year early! the rug looks amazing. i’m not good with long term bold colors in my house, or i’d consider a similar rug. you would think after years of being in rentals, i’d jump at the chance to throw color around my house. nope. i painted my room a bold color, and after 3 months i hated it. now, it’s been two years. oh well.

    the boys look happy. so do you. and you look amazing. anne should really have exercised more.

  6. Love the evolution of the new house decor, can’t wait for the dress pattern and am now adding Vestee to my queue. Your unmodeled pic is much cuter than those in the pattern!

    Great to have you back blogging more often!
    – Debra

    PS. Did you get many more cards??

  7. Everyone handles stress differently. Anne obviously compensates by letting herself and her environment go.

    Love the rug. It pulls everything together.

    Are the boyz laying on the …ground? I’m sure that there is some Basenji Protection League (heretofore Known as the BPL) who should be notified immediately!

  8. Sorry I missed your please for Xmas cards. I have been off the grid. I finally updated my blog. Anyway, where did you get your Anne? It would be nice to have an adjustable form.

  9. I love that black sweater in the first picture, I’m glad that you sorted out your fitting problem. That’s a huge amount of work to end up with a finished product that doesn’t work for you. Your home looks like it’s starting to come together nicely. I wonder, are you a super fast knitter? How do you whip through sweaters and bigger projects so quickly? I am learning though, whittling away at my WIPs, I only have 2 on the needles, and I can finish them both tonight!

  10. OMG!!! Ike and Abe (why does that sound like an ice cream brand) look sooooo happy out in the back yard! Abe finally gets to see what it’s like having a back yard without having to stay out all the time. Too cool! Got doggy doors???

  11. The front room looks great with that rug.
    I agree, the Dark Horse yarn is the best synthetic yarn that I have used too. It’s so soft!

  12. Wow I love the little dress and can’t wait for the pattern!

    The house is beautiful. I an’t wait to take a trip t Austin and see the Knitting Nest and the rest of the city sometime – I hr its an awesom place to be. I hope you’ll be happy there.

  13. It could be known as the “New Life” diet…but I’m betting there is probably some diet book out there already with the name:-)

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