Perfectly Acceptable

(There’s a note to local Austin/San Antonio folks at the bottom of this post.)

When you live with another person, there are things you do (and don’t do) to help keep your home a happy one.

Now that I’m on my own, I’m learning how I am without another person around.

img_8189.JPG Swift and ballwinder = permanent dining room decor.

It just makes sense to keep them out.

img_8191.JPG After a night out, jewelry stays where it lands.

I always know exactly where to find it.

img_8184.JPG Nothing wrong here. This is why I have two bathrooms.
img_8194.JPG Whatever strikes my fancy for dinner is a-okay.

Honestly, I have about a million more examples. Like painting my nails on the nice furniture, yarn in the kitchen, and People’s Court marathons. But I still say “excuse me” if I burp. To the dogs, of course.

0ee8245decdc.jpg One dog,
Two dog,
Red dog,
Blue dog?

One last thing…While Stacy is out in California at TNNA, I’ll be running The Knitting Nest. Like, I’ll be IN CHARGE from Thursday through Sunday. IN CHARGE. Two things will happen: first, I’m going to run some kind of sale. Not sure what I’ll do yet, but I want it to be fun. Second, there will be a captive Master Knitter at your disposal (all day, every day) to help with your knitting questions. So, a sale and free help. Just don’t tell the other Stacy.

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  1. Isn’t being single great sometimes? Sadly, I live with my dad and brother so I at least have to pretend to have manners….although my ballwinder does live on the dining room table…..

  2. At least if there is a mess in the house you know who did it. And just what is wrong with chips and salsa for dinner? LOL

    The boys look great! They are really enjoying their walk. One of my dogs was hit by a car this week….he wasn’t a pure bred…but I loved that big ole’ mutt just the same. If you get a chance take a look at the tribute to him on my blog. Being a dog person yourself, I know you will understand my loss. I am so glad that I have my new little dog for company. It makes the pain easier to handle. You can see my new puppy’s photos on my blog as well.

    Have fun being “in charge”. Take pictures!

  3. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with eating chips & salsa for dinner! My on-my-own favorite is to this day still a bowl of Cheez-Its and a glass of milk…YUM!!!

  4. LOL. Good for you and, “it ain’t all bad being single”. It also shows what a wonderful, compromising, accommodating, easy to get along with (I could go on and on) person we really are.

    I can hear the excitement from you about being “IN CHARGE”. Are you going to do the little Tom Cruise, Risking Business dancing thing? I think you should just before you open the shop up!

  5. hah, i still do all this stuff and i live with my husband. i guess, i’m just not that considerate or he’s really badass. i’m going with the latter so i seem like a better person.

    can’t wait for the sale and i’m so coming in for some advice on project seaming.

  6. Isn’t freedom grand? When I got divorced I relished the fact I could live as I pleased. In my case, it was all about keeping the house neat and not tripping over his big shoes. Plus, not picking up HIS underwear was always a plus!

    Those Xochitl chips are the best! I love that they’re so light and crispy. Mmmm, now I’m craving chips and salsa. Perhaps I should just have them for lunch. Let’s see…chips=carbohydrates, salsa=vegetables. Sounds like a good meal to me!

  7. Great to see the glass half-full (or more than half-full as it seems to be!). Wish I were in TX to come by the shop… will definitely add it to my list whenever I get back to visit Austin! Have fun being in charge 😀

  8. SALE!!! and free help… how awesome!!! I’m there!

    I highly recommend the bachelorette dinner of homemade queso and chips from El Milagro…and my personal favorite, Dinner with Ben and Jerry.

    Don’t you love being able to put your stuff where ever you want and it’s probably going to still be there when you return (unless one of the dogs gets it)??!

  9. I am so excited for you and your new life! Living alone has a certain serenity to it. Did you ever read the book Simple Abundance? (There is a group on Ravelry too) It talks about finding happiness in simple ordinary days. Staci- I have to ask what you are doing to your hair in the photo on your 365 days of photos. It looks like you are dong something to give lift and oooomph at the roots. I am always looking for tips like that!

  10. yay sale!! Oh and Josh is working evenings now so I am totally down with the Salsa and Chips dinner lately. Last night I literally ate a bag of microwaved popcorn and two spoonfuls of peanut butter for dinner. Washed down with a Dos Equis. Yum! Plus tons of Grey’s Anatomy since it is the one show he cannot stand.

  11. Oh, man, the remote – don’t you love being in control of the remote? Oh and no more buying food that YOU don’t eat. Oh, and how many different toothpastes are in your house? One, I’ll bet. Oh, and if you can’t find something, you know exactly who to blame…oh yeah, you do still have house-mates, just not the two legged kind. I’m starting to get depressed about my life. Why does every personality in my house have to have their own brand of crap that I have to maintain? Have fun minding the store.

  12. Oh yeah – bach’ing it. I personally am a cereal 3 times a day kinda “cook” when I’m home alone. With the odd occasional pretzel binge. I live on the edge, what can I say? 🙂

  13. Sometimes, when I’m about to do something I *know* the guy I live with wouldn’t like, I stop for a moment and have a tiny daydream about what it would all be like sans husband … I have it all pictured … not that he’s really difficult but sometimes, just sometimes …

  14. Living alone sure does have its advantages. My husband and I have set aside “personal space” areas in the house. His is comprised of his computer and various tools. Mine is mostly knitting and other crafts. It gives us both a place to be ourselves without worrying about the other person. 🙂

  15. Living Alone = It’s ALL ABOUT ME!!!

    mwha hahahahahahahahahaha

    i think i’m destined to be alone forever. but, that’s ok, i LOVE ME!!!

  16. The dreamyness of it all!!! NO KIDS, NO HUSBAND, I can’t even DREAM that big!! I am soo jealous, you have NO idea!! Just to have an afternoon would be exciting!! Please enjoy EVERY moment, if not for yourself, for your Sis?

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