Just Like Everyone Else

Blogging from work! Yay!

Today was supposed to be a different fast-topic-changing Friday than it is, because I had a problem. I’m here at The Knitting Nest with my laptop, but my external hard drive is at home…safely keeping some of the photos I wanted to use today. Change of plans!

2183658571_947e3c9332_o.jpg This photo is from yesterday, titled “Drunk with Power”. It documents my first day in charge of the store, and is part of my 365days self-portrait photo project.

Today is my 29th day in the project.


img_8246.JPG A customer asked me if I use these needles and this yarn to demonstrate in my classes.

Ha…no. I can barely lift them.


img_8260_1.JPG The store shares a parking lot with a liquor store. When customers pull up, I try to figure out if they are knitters or drinkers before they walk up to the building.

Usually, I’m correct. Sometimes, not.


img_8249.JPG The Chartreuse Monster continues to grow. It has one demand: FEED ME MORE GREEN YARN.

Nom, nom, nom.


cropped.JPG Slacker.


img_8241.JPG I had a really sweet photo of both of my boys that I wanted to use today…but here is a pretty cute photo of Abe, anyway.

It was his shift on Squirrel Patrol.

Have a great weekend!

23 comments on “Just Like Everyone Else

  1. I think the store is very conveniently located, sometimes knitting can drive you to drink….
    Is that green grass I see? It looks so lovely and warm there.

  2. Ha…far be it for me to suggest that people are knitters OR drinkers! I think having a liquor store next to the yarn store is quite handy. πŸ™‚

  3. Considering your clothing, and the green grass, it must be above freezing there–ah, to be warm. It’s a good thing I have this nice Sis who sends me socks, sweaters, scarves and baby clothes!! Also when everyone is gone I turn the heat up to 78 degrees! You poor hardworking woman!! Don’t get too many blisters on your hands- or get drunk at work!!

  4. Cosmos, yarn, and sunshine all in one location. Good stuff.

    I just have to ask, are the shoes Clarks? I have a very simialar looking pair.

  5. “When customers pull up, I try to figure out if they are knitters or drinkers before they walk up to the building.” — I think that there is an awful lot of overlap between these two groups. Well, maybe not so many drinkers are knitters, but I bet a lot of knitters are drinkers. Based on the knitters I know. Your mileage may vary depending on your collection of knitters πŸ™‚

  6. Now don’t let all that power go to your head. I’m happy to see that when you have your feet up on the desk at least they’re well shod in cute wedges! Can’t do that here in MO since the temps are in the 40s. I do have on my super-kickass boots. I look tough and stay warm at the same time!

  7. squirrel patrol…ha! i love it! basenji’s would have to be on the top of the list for excellence in squirrel patrolling.

    does anyone park in the lot and visit both stores? like buy some liquor and then attend a knitting class? i bet some would be much better knitters after a relaxing shot or two…

  8. Drooling over that wall of Cascade… yum… Actually I swear I said that before when I commented on one of your posts…

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Hahaha!! Squirrel Patrol! I LOVE IT!

    Hmmm, Liquor store, yarn store, liquor store, yarn store.. sheesh that’s a HARD CHOICE to have to make!!! LOL

    ps. I took your advice about starting another WIP to get out of the funk and it worked!!! I needed something simple and mindless to work on while waiting in the dr’s office and I grabbed a skein, got my pattern and got started! Thanks again!!! you are the bestest!!!!

  10. Love the Drunk with Power photo! If I were there I would be tempted to create a huge pile of yarn on the floor~ ~ ~jump & roll and laugh and laugh!! Can’t wait to hear how the weekend alone went.

  11. Staci, you of course perfectly embody “drunk with power” with your yarn store tableau, but I’ve been watching a lot (too much) of coverage of the primaries where every candidate claims to have “Big Mo” (momentum), and the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that picture was “Big Mo” πŸ™‚ Total knitting/power/work blogging mo!!

  12. so jealous… tho, my boss has been out sick two days in a row now.

    cody would love to help with squirrel patrol. but he’s far too impatient to sit that still. i need a fence for my yard.

  13. But….I’m a knitter AND a drinker. How can you tell the difference? Like all good knitters, I’d hit the yarn shop first…..Probably.

  14. cody would love to help with squirrel patrol. but he’s far too impatient to sit that still. i need a fence for my yard.

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