Rest in peace, finished object. Bye for now.

Here’s the story…

socks.JPG My FAVORITE socks.

Finished back in April of 2007.

Toe-up pattern, Socks That Rock yarn. Approximately 26,680 stitches.

So vibrant, so young, and such a bright future ahead of them.

img_8303.JPG The other night I was enjoying some downtime with my homey-dogs, wearing my favorite socks and these slip-on Keens (because there is no end to the “sexy” in this house).

La, la, la. Knitting, watching tv. Time for bed.

I kicked off my shoes, and suddenly the floor felt really cold.

img_8312.JPG Noooooooooooooooo!

No warning! Just a complete heel blow-out without notice!

img_8314.JPG And the other one, too!
img_8316.JPG Rest in peace, favorite socks. You were loved to death.

From now on, I’ll knit with a second strand of heel reinforcement yarn in all of my socks. Lesson learned.

img_8296.JPG Stop. Doggie time.

Abe is proud to show me that he brought my bathroom rug outside.

I don’t understand his reasoning, but I was grateful, nonetheless.

Good boy!

31 comments on “RIP, FO. BFN.

  1. Yikes! I never even thought of the possibility of something I’d knitted wearing out! How sad!

    Abe is SOOOOO smart! No bathroom rug = more water lick-up for basenji boys. πŸ™‚

  2. AWWWW bummer!
    Lovely colors too!

    Aleah thinks those red shoes are fabulous
    “ooooooh SHOE!” and “puppay?!”

  3. Abe simply needed a place to sit or lay that wasn’t covered in grass. Next time he might bring your bedspread.

  4. No, the socks aren’t really darnable, just damnable. πŸ™‚

    I would have to knit a 2×2 inch square to cover the hole. The heel is just GONE.

  5. Ummmmmmmmmmm the rug matches the grass…maybe Abe thought that it belonged with its family outside??
    Sorry about your socks…LOVE your Keens…they are all that I wear…every new style I have to get a pair!!! My fav ones are my froggy green ones!!!

  6. Wow, not one, but BOTH heels are gone… It would be great to check out your next sock endeavor with the reinforced heels! BTW Abe is adorable with the Mr. Inocent expression.

  7. Oops! At least they were loved. BTW I was in Austin today for an interview and missed you at the Knitting Nest but I got to meet the other Stacey. What a great shop!

  8. Well, you don’t expect that dog to lie on the cold ground now do you? He wanted to make himself a bed! And it matches the grass too!

    Sorry about the socks. Bummer.

  9. Well, we all need hobbies. Ike is a knitwear model, maybe Abe is into rug relocation. At least his efforts are properly appreciated. πŸ™‚

  10. Girl, you must be some kind of hell on heels, cuz I wear mine all year – hot or cold and have not blown out any part of them for years! Abe is playing the matching game – see… the bathmat looks just like the grass. Makes perfect sense to me. Good boy!

  11. Obviously those socks were made for walking.

    Abe is not waiting for the BRL to come to his rescue. He is just taking this whole dirt/grass thing into his own un-opposable paws (IE mouth) . If you won’t give him a soft cushy place to sit, he’ll do it his self! So there.

  12. Well, I am sure Abe had a very good reason to take the rug outside.

    I know you have other great socks to wear…. I have seen them. LOL

  13. Staci- I discovered your blog about a month ago and have read each and every entry and am even close to being finished with the Mimi hooded scarf! Thanks for making me laugh and for sharing pictures of your beautiful dogs (and your great knitting patterns)!

  14. A friend of mine knit a pair of socks in STR that also blew out the heels on them. That makes me sad as I recently finished a pair of socks in STR, so I hope mine don’t wear out.

  15. Well, I see the reason for the moving – bathroom rug and the grass have the same colour! The fit just perfect together (can’t you see?)

    Sorry for the socks!


  16. What a bummer! Do you think there is any possible way you would be able to repair the heels, even if it is a different color yarn.

  17. omg poor socks! abe brought the rug out b/c it matches the grass lol, he was returning it to it’s rightful place. what a helpful boy. and i love the mohawk!

  18. I guess I’m not the only one to see Abe’s reasoning- the mat matches the grass, so he had to put it in it’s proper place. He’s a neat freak like hims Momma πŸ˜‰

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