Ahhhh. That’s Why.

Over the last few posts, I’ve mentioned that Abe has been acting strangely. Sometimes bad (eating my cell phone), sometimes funny (dragging stuff around), sometimes just plain weird.

Since dogs don’t talk, I’ve had to try to figure out what was going on. Along with some suggestions from verypink readers, I guessed:

1. He’s more confident now, and pushing boundaries.
2. He’s suffering a little separation anxiety, since I’ve been working longer days at The Knitting Nest.
3. He’s still dealing with the recent move and massive life changes.

Maybe, but maybe not. I learned a bit more the other day…

img_8459.JPG First up, it recently became abundantly clear that Abe had a parasite.

A seriously revolting parasite. I will not discuss the details. The vet gave him one magical pill, and he is parasite-free.

Let’s just say that it couldn’t have been comfortable for him.

img_8457.JPG While we were at the vet’s office, I also learned that Abe has a broken tooth and a gum infection! Poor baby! I swear, he hasn’t shown any signs of mouth discomfort at all.

But it’s gotta hurt, which would help to explain his behavior lately.

img_8451.JPG Here he is showing you the tooth he has to have removed. Kinda.

Mostly he is yawning.

img_8444.JPG On to better news, I am releasing a new pattern – the Felted Easter Basket.
prefelt.JPG Before felting.

This pattern uses Cascade 220 Wool. I wrote it for an upcoming class I’m teaching at The Knitting Nest.

The pattern language is really clear, and suitable for beginning knitters.

You can imagine where the proceeds from the sales are going…straight to the vet! I’m only half joking here.

felted2.JPG Felted Easter Basket pattern.

img_8463.JPG Ike is parasite free, with no broken teeth. When he is bad, it’s only because he chooses to be that way.

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  1. Don’t feel bad for not noticing Abe’s little health issues–animals instinctually hide anything that’s wrong with them so the others in their pack and predators don’t view them as weak and, you know, EAT THEM, lol. Sometimes they hide it so well, it takes even the most attentive owner a little while to notice.

    Ick! Parasites are the WORST! I’m glad Abe’s okay now and that they weren’t passed around. Blech!

  2. Aw, poor Abe! I can only imagine that it was some sort of butt parasite, and now I feel bad that my mind went there. Poor Abe AND me! ๐Ÿ™‚

    “When he is bad, itโ€™s only because he chooses to be that way.” Love it, adopting it as new personal mantra.

  3. aw poor Abe! At least he’s better now.

    I have always found it amazing that ONE magic pill can solve all gastrointestinal parasites.

  4. I am glad to hear that he is all better now, and I can completely empathize with the massive vet bill. I definitely went into the wrong career. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i’m glad you were able to figure out what was wrong with him. poor little man but soon to be all better.

    the basket turned out cute!

  6. I feel your pain regarding the vet bills. This month June has managed to easily surpass my car payment. And all for minor problems. An allergy here, an ear infection there, some dry skin… The little stuff adds up quickly.

    I’m just glad Abe is feeling better, and that he has someone who loves him and is willing to do what it takes to make him all better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Poor Abe. So the parasite was controlling him and telling him to do bad things? LOL!

    Seriously I have had dogs with broken teeth go undetected until it infected and it blew up. Like someone said they hide things so well.

  8. Poor baby! My girl has terribly soft teeth, and they break easily- i feel your vet bill pain. I won’t even discuss parasites as they gross me out. He certainly found a way to let you know something was up, albiet a destructive one (in true basenji style!) Hope he feels better soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Poor little baby! No wonder he’s been a little terror lately. Yep, we’ve dealt with parasites here and they are grooosssss! Thankfully, the house is free of them right now (fingers crossed).

    Love, love, love the Easter basket. Told my mom to come here and buy the pattern so she could make it. You know, for the grandkids. Yeah, and maybe an extra one for me.

  10. Oh glad to hear that Abe’s going to be doing better. Both my dogs are still recovering fromt surgery (I crazily thought that doing their surgeries a week apart was a good idea). Now, I am broke, and tired and worried! Augh.
    As always though, love the photos of your dogs.

    And the easter basket is THE BEST EVER! What a brilliant idea and I love the colours! You are so smart. I bet you’ll sell a ton of them! Good for you.

  11. Poor little dude. He looks good, so cheerful and poised – I can see why you didn’t notice that anything was amiss.

    And the Easter basket is absolutely charming.

  12. Sorry to hear about the unfriendly visitor and broke toof! Poor guy! I have to say the ears on your dogs entertain me greatly. Ike’s standing ears remind me of the Rosemary Wells cartoon Max and Ruby (http://www.rosemarywells.com/fun.html) and Abe’s ears remind me of the Longhorn’s hook’em hand signal. Adorable they are! (clearly I have too much time on my hands though!) Glad all is getting better.

  13. Poor Abe–just the word parasite is ugly enough. One magic pill must be pretty potent! Love that easter basket, so cute. I will soon purchase since I cannot resist it. Good luck on that vet bill.

  14. Poor Abe! I hope he is feeling better now. I always feel bad for my kitties when they aren’t feeling well, I am sure you are the same with your dogs. I love the little easter basket.

  15. Isn’t it amazing how all of a sudden their crazy behavior makes sense (sort of)? Poor thing – I hope he starts behaving and feeling better!

  16. poor Abe ! What a relief to have all that out of the bag and resolved.
    The Easter Basket is lovely, I would definitely buy the finished product if I came across it. Making it is a pipe dream for me : )

  17. I just saw your daily pic on 365, I just wanted to comment on Abe ( too lazy to sign up for flicker), what a poor looking little guy. I looked something like that when I had three teeth removed. The poor puppy. I hope he feels better soon. Give him lots of hugs and kisses. Did they give you anything for his pain? or do they even for animals? Cause that has to hurt.
    Thinking of you guys.

  18. Oh my heart goes out to little Abe and his issues at both ends. All things considered, he’s quite a trooper.

    I contributed to his vet fund because the Easter basket is WAY cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. As a clueless dog owner, can you tip me off as to how you figured out that he had a parasite? Just wondering, in case I ever have to deal with it. Feel free to email me, you know where to find me. Glad to hear that he is doing well now!

    Off to find my wallet so I can buy the pattern for a basket…

  20. I’m guessing that Abe must have eaten something yucky? Or maybe it’s a different kind of parasite than what we used to see here. (Larry was the WORST, from eating rabbits. Ugh.) Regardless, glad it’s history! So sorry about the broken and infected tooth, hurts just thinking about it. Hope he’ll soon be all better! Kisses to him, and Ike too!

    Just bought the basket pattern. Thanks! I’m holding you to your promise that the basket is good for beginners. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )I used to crochet lovely little baskets that I then stiffened with sugar water. I’d forgotten all about them.)

  21. Hey My Sis, would you love to knit two of those baskets for your nephew and niece? Wouldn’t they be soo fun? Sooo, much better than plastic ones from Wal-Mart!! I think it is terribly funny that one person said the dogs ears remind her of Max and Ruby–I know the show they do!! And I agree with Ike, and why he does bad things, I think I should be more like him.

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