Shoveling Snow

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img_8712.JPG Snow.

Not really, but probably the closest we’ll get in Austin.

This is popcorn material that used to be on the ceiling.

It took a lot of scraping to get it down.

img_8714.JPG What a messy, messy job! There was popcorn and dust everywhere (including inside every single piece of clothing I was wearing. How did that happen??)

After clean-up, it really didn’t look like very much. Huh.

day-55.JPG I’m smiling here, but yeah…I’m a little sore today. The good kind of sore that reminds you that your house looks a little less 1980s.

This photo is part of my self-portrait photo project.


img_8703.JPG New free pattern! I designed this Toddler Tunic for a class I’m teaching.

Aleah and her mama were kind enough to model for me.

Christina has a future fashion maven on her hands here…not only does Aleah like to model, but she also never fails to notice and comment on the shoes I’m wearing.

I hope she remembers me when she’s the editor of Vogue magazine.


img_8707.JPG Got bark?

Ike is actually eating tree bark in this photo, rendering him barkless no more.



img_8598.JPG Aww. These guys are pals and all, but it’s rare that I see them snuggled up like this.

Warms my heart to see them bonding.


img_8000.JPG Yeah, that’s a down comforter. And that’s goose down. And that’s Abe.

Is it really more comfortable with the down outside of the comforter?

More “snow” to shovel.

Have a great weekend!

26 comments on “Shoveling Snow

  1. So what happened to the ceiling “stuff?” Did you just put it out in the trash, or is it environmentally hazardous (requiring specific methods to treat it), or what? Also, what will you do to the ceiling? I’m really curious because our ceiling has the popcorn look and I’d love to get rid of it, but then I don’t know what to do next.

    Love the puppy pics — my two Siamese cats cuddle like this. I should get my Collie a buddy to curl up with when I’m not around.

  2. I HATE that ceiling stuff! Why did that think that was at all attractive???? Thanks for another great pattern for my “TO DO” folder!

  3. We have popcorn on almost all of our ceilings. It’s really unattractive, but I haven’t been motivated enough to scrape any of it. Did you have to patch the ceiling at all after you removed it?

    You’re doing a great job with the 365 project – I’m already falling behind on my weekly photo project.

  4. Oh Abe! Max has never tried to take the stuffing out of our down comforter, but he has a tendency to want to pee on it. Not sure which is worse …. Congrats on the popcorn free ceiling!

  5. So much for the parasite made me do it. I think it’s just his innate Basenji-ness coming through.

    I don’t have popcorn on my ceilings, but I do have the nasty suspended ceiling complete with fake wood grain grid. I hate it. Trying to decide what needs doing more, ceilings or floors. I think the floors may win.

  6. Hi Jo – my house is new enough that the popcorn ceiling material isn’t dangerous. It’s mostly just styrofoam. I was able to scrape it down with a drywall knife, no problem. I scraped enough to remove the popcorn, but not all of the texture…so all I need to do now is paint.

    To dispose of the stuff, I just swept it into that bucket, then wet it down a little to keep the dust from becoming airborne. Then I took it outside to the bin. No prob!

    Oh – you really need to wear a face mask when you do this. I wore a cheap one. I think I’ll get a higher-quality mask before I attempt another room. The dust is really, really fine.

  7. Ah yes, dogs and down comforters. A few years ago, I got a down comforter for Christmas. (This was back when El Poocho was still allowed to sleep on the bed with me.) During the night, he chewed a hole in the comforter. A few minutes later, I woke up from a dead sleep after inhaling goose down up my nose. I don’t know if YOU have ever woken up from a dead sleep after snorting part of your Christmas present up your nose, but it’s not fun.

  8. What yarn/color did you use for the tunic? Billy’s too big for the sweater (bummer) but I love that color.

    Abe looks very happy in his feather nest. Personally I like the feathers inside, but it looks cozy.

  9. Ah, the joys of “fake” snow!! The only positive words I can give you is at least when you clean up the snow, there isn’t ice underneath, and hopefully it won’t start “snowing” again!! The little girl and the sweater are adorable, wish Molly had hair!

  10. i love that last pic with abe covered in down. textbook basenji. i hope he doesn’t move onto eating the mattress, as our darling sophie is wont to do…

  11. Love those sleek, glossy coats! Must be the goose down diet! 😉

    Aleah’s a cutie, and the tunic is adorable!

    Wow, what is that popcorn stuff? Is it a southern thing? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it around here. Oh wait – I have seen it before, but it was in motels. Is it for soundproofing or something?

    I admire your ambition!

  12. Toddler Tunic is another one for my list of must-have patterns–great job! The boys are just too damn cute and I love how shiny they look while sleeping. Good shot!

  13. You’re my hero for tackling the popcorn ceiling in your bathroom. Do you have it elsewhere? Are you going to attack it, too?

    I totally want to do that at my house, but now I’m scared!

  14. I read your page frequetly (found you from BRAT), but this post made me comment. I have the worlds worst popcorn ceiling. Picture this not only does is have that crap on it but then someone took a trowel and made nice 12″ rainbows ALL over the ceiling in various patterns(80’s thing I guess), then they smoothed out the ceiling at the edge so it has a tacky border too. Anyways, husband wont let me removed it “CAUSE you dont know how hard it will be”. I am gonna show him your pics!
    ps love ABE….my favorite B quote – Are basenjis intelligent? Yes, but not in the way you might first think. If basenjis were high school students, they would not be the brainiacs who score high enough on their SATs to go to Harvard on a full scholarship. No, basenjis would be the hoodlums with the smarts to bypass security, break into the principal’s office, steal a copy of the test, and sell it for cigarette money.” ~ Robin

  15. Ahh, the joy of popcorn ceilings. Most of the time it was used because it covers flaws in ceilings (like when the builders were too lazy to make ceilings perfectly flat). Then lots of people started using it. I hate it, it’s just gross.

    I feel your pain, my husband and I just closed on our first house last week and I have been up to my elbows in paint, pulling baseboards off, removing old crappy appliances, etc. for the last week. Luckily we have workers coming in starting tomorrow to tackle the big stuff. The effort will definitely be worth it in the end.

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