Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons…

…orange stars, and green clovers.

This is the first ever not-so-fast, fast-topic-changing Friday. Instead of lots of topics, I offer you lots of pink.

You might think that it’s all pink, all the time here at Verypink Headquarters…but it really isn’t. Just on Valentine’s Day.

Let’s take a look at some of the pink things from yesterday…

img_8836.JPG Some handspun goodness of unknown origin, from a trade I made with Stacy.

I kinda want to take a bite of it.

img_8838.JPG I don’t often get excited about yarn (I’m more of a pattern junkie). But this!

Three Irish Girls sock yarn, which Stacy is considering carrying it at The Knitting Nest.

It’s really gorgeous.

img_8841.JPG A gift to help ease me into local team spirit.
img_8844.JPG My current project, and my sweet, sweet stitch markers.
img_8849.JPG Not to mention my new pink row counter!
img_8852.JPG Yummy Valentine’s cookies.
day-62.JPG And my favorite flowers – gerber daisies and pink roses.

Again, this photo is part of my self-portrait-a-day-for-one-year photo project.


img_8816.JPG And now a story.

Yesterday I found Abe outside with a cereal bowl. I know how he got the bowl – I had egg salad earlier and put the bowl down on the floor for the dogs to lick clean, so that I could forgo the dishwasher and put it straight back into the cupboard.

But how did Abe carry a thin, ceramic, lip-less bowl outside? How did he grip it?

img_8859.JPG Today I conducted an experiment to see if he pushed the bowl outside, or actually carried it.

I spread mayonnaise inside a bowl, and put it down for the dogs.

And waited.

img_8860.JPG Aha! He can grip it! The secret is out!
img_8865.JPG With a loud clank, he dropped it on the tile floor close to the back door.

Turns out he just wanted to get it away from Ike.

img_8869.JPG If things are out of place in my house, it isn’t necessarily my fault.

Have a great weekend!

28 comments on “Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons…

  1. My dog does that too! She doesn’t want to share and so she picks it up and takes it to a safe place. She’s even picked up saucepans! Once I gave her a 9x12x1 glass casserole to lick out, until I saw her pick it up! (my kitchen floor is lino over concrete!) I’m surprised nothing has been broken.

    But my dog has never taken the bowl outside! Your dogs win on agility AND creativity!

    Love that sock yarn and your pink stitch markers (I’m jealous)!

  2. Are those Lofthouse cookies I spy? They are sooooo delicious! Also, I adore Gerbera Daisies! Since Steve was gone I bought myself and little bouquet of them for the table. Weird how alike we can be.

    That Abe is a sneaky one. He’s so adorable I can’t imagine he stays in trouble for too long. I mean, look at that face. That precious face. That’s the face of a good doggie, not a bad one.

  3. First of all….. OMG I LOVE the self portrait!

    Second, Abe is a smart boy. Good detective work figuring out how he did it. I had a pomeranian that was an escape artist. I once set up a video camera to find out how she was doing it. Funny video! One of my favorites to watch now that she is no longer with us.

  4. That pic of you is gorgeous!! And I am not just saying that because we don’t even look alike!! I didn’t think I knew what grass looked like anymore, thanks for reminding me. Everything is sooo pink-you and Molly should NEVER live together for fear of pink overload!! Izabel isn’t doing much, she didn’t have a good v-day, she got fixed yesterday and I even tried to give her a small piece of steak so she would take her meds and no go, poor baby!! At least somebody’s getting good leftovers-

  5. I love Gerber Daisies, too! My Abe is talented – I’m so glad you were able to find out about his health problems and deal with them! Oh, and a happy belated birthday to Ike!

    Your felted easter basket pattern is so cute! Great idea : ) And I also love your felted Noni grocery bag. (Can you tell I’m a bit behind in my blog reading?)

  6. You look so happy in your daisy picture.

    I love Gerbera daisies, too. When I got married the first time it was the week before Christmas and my wedding boquet was made out of off white gerbera daisies, red roses and Christmas greens. It was bee-u-tiful.

    I just looked at all of your self portraits. How come I didn’t know you were a tap dancer?

  7. I just watched your slide show of self portraits. I love your pictures. It shows so many sides of what I feel is your personality. Some are funny, some are soft, some are serious, some are love and they are all beautiful. 🙂 I look forward to seeing more!

  8. I love the stories of your dogs. I’ve got 2 german shorthaired pointers that are constantly up to no good. If they weren’t such good snugglers they’d have been gone long ago!

  9. Just looked at your self-portraits. God, Staci, you are just so cute! (And yes, I know how goofy that sounds, but that’s the word that comes to mind.;)) Love the red shoes/red nails photo, and all those with Abe and Ike!

    Ruby can carry every type of dish I own. Last night I let her clean up a dish of peaches in a hand-painted Limoge bowl. She picked it up so gingerly, I swear she understands the concept of antiques. 😉

    I’m having trouble envisioning a finished sock in the Three Irish Girls yarn. Can’t wait to see it knit up!

  10. Lovely self-portrait, adorable dogs, and definitely hope Stacy decides to go with the Three Irish Girls yarn at the store. I for one would be thrilled!

  11. Just checked out your ” self portrait for a year” website (I check on it regularly). When did you start using “assload”??? And I think that same little old lady was in Anchorage the day I had a fitting.

  12. I am so relieved that I am not the only dog owner who lets the dog clean out the dishes!! I’ve been doing it steathly for years, but I may come out of the closet now that I’ve found your support: my Lab is a far better SOS pad than anything I’ve ever found.

    You ladies make me want to learn to knit. It could sit next to my to-be-finished cross stitich piles, but I want that felted Noni grocery bag, damn it!!

  13. Oops. Hi Mom. 🙂

    You KNOW I usually keep my online language clean. But clearly I was in shock to use a word like “assload”. (I also said “holy shit”, but I guess that’s okay?)

    S t a c i

  14. I love the flowers in your self-portrait! I think Gerber daisies are my favorite flower. Silly Abe! Good thing the bowl didn’t break when he got it far enough away from Ike.

  15. What a cheeky monkey is that little Abe!

    The only pot of flowers I tried to over winter this year was a beautiful pink Gerber Daisy. It had flowers ALL summer. I love em!

  16. Holy crap woman, that’s a lot of pink in one post! Love the Three Irish Girls yarn. I hope the shop owner carries it. Pretty stuff. I love the self-portrait shot too.

  17. Beautiful yarn.
    But aww, I’m ruined for gerberas ever since I spent a year sorting them at the Bloemenveiling in Aalsmeer. Ugh.
    I’ll take the roses though. Ooo, and the cookies. Heck, some days I’d give Abe a fight for a bowl of mayonnaise.

  18. Staci – the website for Three Irish Sisters is so beautiful – thanks for the link. Also, where did you get that darling pink row counter? You take the best photos!

  19. Love pink too! Great blog entry.
    That shade of pink lipstick looks great on you. Care to share the color?
    Your first pink yarn is yummy. Reminds me of cotton candy.

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