Memo to Myself

1. Please remember to keep the bathroom doors closed.
2. If you can’t find something, check the backyard.


25 comments on “Memo to Myself

  1. Somehow, running through the house with one continuous, unbroken stream of toilet paper is my Basenji’s biggest thrill. You’d think I would remember to keep the door closed. Abe has that “what problem?, is there a problem?” look. He is adorable.

  2. LMAO!!!!!!

    How does he get out of the house? You must have a doggy door right?

    I repeat…


    Raisin is a novice still. Her biggest Bathroom Caper to date is to chew the edges off the roll of toilet paper.

    Note to self: Do not let Raisin see VeryPink this week.

  3. I don’t know, perhaps you accuse with no evidence. Just because he’s standing next to it… So funny! (I think perhaps he’s trying to gaslight you).

  4. Sam said it, he’s all “what?”. I love the expression on his little face! The eyes show that he knows what he did. This is so funny. Are you able to not laugh when they do things like this?

  5. Seriously, what IS it with the toilet brush? My two cats love mine! They’re always in there trying to bite the bristles and start a rumble. SO gross, LOL . . . They pretty much leave the TP alone, except for the time I locked them in the bathroom and they unwound a whole entire roll and made a little cat nest out of it!

  6. Hahaha!! He’s got this look like “Whatcha talkin”bout?? What toilet brush??”

    That is just too cute. Abe must be the mischevious one of the pair!

  7. awwww giggles

    at least he’s not being destructive though. One of our many cats used to shred the TP by biting it off. One of my current likes to chew on the cork of my Birkenstock shoes.

    The other cat is eating my daughter’s turkey sandwich at this very moment…which SHE FED HIM!

  8. It is very obvious that Abe has a bathroom that he needs to decorate and clean and you are simply not letting that happen.

    Poor doggy.

  9. Oh my, your doggies are so funny. I love it! Mine constantly hide things under other things. So if something is missing odds are it is under something else in the house…furniture, blankets, doggie beds, etc.

  10. this is great…too funny. my cat also has a thing for the toilet brush….wicked gross. however her favorite thing is the swiffer. i love animals and all their quirky behavior!

  11. This is so funny. I had to keep the bathroom doors closed when I had my Afghan Hounds. He especially liked my toothbrush and my eye shadow brush.
    Over the years his clever antics got him lots of attention. Stay alert, the trash can is next.

  12. Abe is taking your toilet brush away because he’s trying to get you to admit that you have a cleaning problem. Admitting is the first step. C’mon Staci…

  13. No, you’ve got it all wrong. It’s not, “Whut?” It’s, “I got that filthy thing out of the house, so fork over the treat, Mom!” 😉

    Ruby used to steal all sorts of things and hide them in her crate. (I’m still waiting for something to collapse – we found some long brass screws in there several years ago.) But now she’s 11 and sedate. I think she needs a friend like Abe to liven up her life, and mine.

  14. Abe is soo funny!! Only because it isn’t at my house–Isabelle LOVES the bathroom and trash in it. She also likes baby clothes, diapers, bottles, do you see a pattern, possibly jealousy? Does Ike just sit back and watch? Doesn’t he tell him NO?! Anyway, who needs cable tv when we have “whats in Staci’s backyard?”

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