For the Rhythm of Me…

Welcome to the second-ever, fast-topic-changing MONDAY. Can I take your coat?

sperrypoem.JPG Interweave Knits is running a knitting poetry contest, and Stacy was kind enough to enter me on the sly.

This is my entry. Grand prize – your poem knit into a pair of mittens. (A grand prize only a knitter would love.)


img_9153.JPG Finished Booga Bag, knit up for a class sample.

These are so fun to make, but I think I ruined my washing machine when I felted it. Uh oh.

Details on The Rav.


e3s17_033.jpg I need to be a “Lost” nerd for a moment.

The phone call scene with Desmond and Penny was so great! Did anyone else cry and laugh and rewind it 27 times?

If there is a Team Desmond, I want to join.


img_9157.JPG Current WIP: Soleil. This is also for an upcoming class.

Please note: even Master Knitters make bonehead, amateur mistakes. I was over an inch into this when I realized that the whole thing was twisted on my circular needles.

Don’t tell anyone.


day-77.JPG This is my favorite self-portrait from last week, because I was so lucky.

1. I knew I only had one or two attempts at this before Lou got tired of me carrying him back and forth to the tripod to set the self-timer.
2. The other three dogs walked into the shot!
3. I didn’t make a totally goofy face with my tongue hanging out or anything!

Have a great week!

14 comments on “For the Rhythm of Me…

  1. Wow! Awesome knitting as usual. And I can’t believe you could get all 4 dogs in the photo all by yourself! I can barely take a photo of one dog! Great post!

  2. Heh – I always notice the mistakes after I post too.
    You need to pick up a $15 remote for the camera. Then you won’t need to carry the pups every time.

  3. Wait…what? There is a remote available for my camera?? That’s one of the main reasons I’ve been considering getting a new camera! I’m buying one TODAY.

    Thank you, Caro!

    update – no wireless remote for the Canon S3 IS. Oh, well.

  4. I felt so lucky to be watching Lost that day. I don’t always catch it the first time around. What a great bit of acting on all counts. And I agree with Carrie, Des is quite yummy call cleaned up!

  5. That Soleil pattern killed me! And it’s about the most simple thing too. My problems came from a bad yarn choice and then not paying attention. The kicker for me is that since it’s in the round if you make a bungle something that can’t easily be just dropped down and picked back up, you have a whole lot of stitches to undo. I should pick it back up again, though, cause if I pulled my head out, it would be a pretty quick knit.

    What yarn are you using? Such an intriguing color.

    Good luck on the poetry mittens. I saw some poetry mittens in a recent issue Piecework – they are so cool!

  6. Love the color of the Soleil!

    I also love that you and the dogs are outside in short fur and short sleeves and looking very comfortable. The great Feb. fake-out seems to be over here in Seattle, so no happy Basenji’s outside around here.

  7. Actually, I like all your portraits. The ones with the dogs do, however, bring out a special something.

  8. I am so bummed…I missed Lost this past week. My DVR freaked out and it didn’t record anything on Thursday. I was so upset.

    I love your portrait with the pups..they are adorable.

  9. I haven’t watched LOST since the first season! It was so good, and then the first half of the second season made me so mad I quit watching. Someday I’ll rent the DVDs. Love the knits, and the pup pictures as always!

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