Wild Rock n Roll Party

I was only in my office for FIVE MINUTES checking email, and I missed the party.

Of course, I was the only one willing to clean up when it was over. Sofa cushions everywhere. Beds upturned. If they were human, it would have been beer bottles and cigarette butts.

Good thing Gus tattled on them before it got any wilder.

Watch it.


27 comments on “Wild Rock n Roll Party

  1. LMAO!! It sure did sound like they saying Woo Hoo!! Or was that their pitiful attempt to shift the blame by saying “Hey! Don’t look at me! He did it.”

  2. uh oh. the teenagers hit the house. one last hurrah before going back to dad’s? silly puppies… gus is a goodie-goodie, they’re so picking on him when you go back to your office.

  3. I am *dying* over here! That is just way to funny!! Just like children, can’t leave them alone for long or there’s no telling what might happen!!

  4. I love your dogs. They always make me smile, and I’m sure they make you smile too! (Even if they are occasionally “bad dogs”.)

  5. OMG. The video is great, except you handled it much better than I would have. My “What is going on here?” would have been done in my “outside voice”. lol.
    But it’s definitely cute too look back on later. 🙂

  6. Wow. Dontcha just love animals? Mine are currently making me crazy..cats on the keyboard and dogs…wait a sec…actually playing with dog toys for a change!

  7. Ya know it makes me smile, cause first off it isn’t a mess I have to clean up, and you know that they missed each other!! I am even sure Gus missed telling on them. It’s like brothers having a little family reunion. I hope your having as much fun with them as they are together; minus the badness!! And who said “barkless” means “SILENT”!!

  8. I don’t see any collars. Did you find them hanging from the light fixtures?? I bet there were girls at the party! Love the woohoos.

  9. Holy barks!! I knew they could make noise if they wanted to badly enough!

    So are you going to keep the other two hostage now? You know, you DO have enough time to move house and change your phone number 😛

  10. I wish you could have gotten in there with the video camera sooner…I’m certain Abe had a lamp shade on his head! (or maybe the it was the toilet seat cover he had on his head!)

  11. LMAO! Too damn funny and you were sooooo calm! What did you say after you turned off the camera?!? heh, heh.
    I can so relate. The same thing happens when I’m checking email except it’s my two toddlers. Oh, the joys!

  12. Hey, Fun to hear your voice. You were just too calm. Congratulations. Next trick may be to jump on the bed and throw the pillows around. If I were you I’d lock the bedroom door. I thought Basenjis couldn’t bark meaning no noise at all. Thanks for straightening me out on that. The video was actually educational.

  13. You know what I said as I watched that, right? “Looooouuuuuuu!”

    So what was it that they tore up anyways? Was there a poor plush toy that fell victim to them, or was it stuffing out of one of their beds?

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