All Dressed Up

Anne Boleyn (my knitwear stunt-double) normally wears a long-sleeved black tshirt to model knitwear, but today…

img_9301.JPG She’s dressed for spring.

This is Soleil, a free pattern from

img_9303.JPG I made this for a knit-along/class at The Knitting Nest later this month.

It is knit with N.Y. Cotton, a new yarn from Stacy Charles.

img_9305.JPG I really like it. Maybe someday Anne will actually let me wear it.
img_9296.JPG Hmm…

Moments before this photo was taken, I was sleeping in this bed with these dogs. I don’t know how. See where my pillow is? Somehow, my body fit.

Dog pile on Staci!

17 comments on “All Dressed Up

  1. I love sleeping with the dogs. I usually have to boot them off, get comfortable and then they come back. I, too, will wake up and wonder how in the heck all of us fit! In addition to the 3 dogs, there is often a cat or two in bed with me!

  2. Wow! Amazing top…and just my color, too. How’d you know? Seriously, though, that has to be one of my favourites, but I haven’t met any of your knitting that I haven’t liked.

    I can’t imagine four Basenjis and one Staci in that bed. I can barely fit dh, myself and the cat in bed, let alone adding our Lab to the mix.

  3. Oh – please understand…it’s a king sized bed, so it’s plenty big. But the dogs insist on sleeping right next to me, so the four of us are really only using up 1/3 of the space. I might as well have a twin-size…

  4. I have a queen bed. It’s just me and my basenji boy but, somehow, I end up on the slightest sliver at the edge of the bed. When I scoot my guy over, he looks at me like “hey, i’m sleepin’ here…i’m sleepin’ here!”

  5. I’ve got a skinny little twin bed, 5 big pillows, and whenever the dog sleeps inside, she seems to think she’s sleeping on the bed with me. She snores, steals the covers and sleeps diagonally. If I wanted that, I’d let my guy sleep over!

  6. Lucky you, with four dogs to sleep with. Though I’m pretty happy with my one collie and two cats. Does one collie equal two basenji’s?

    I’m making my very first sweater now at my LYS class. Wish me luck!

  7. I bet ya don’t have to turn up the heat in YOUR bedroom!! Four little heaters and you’ll be fine and toasty!! The sweater is gorgeous!! People are astonished by the socks that I wear,(among all of the other nicely knit things that I wear EVERY single day) if they only knew the extent of your talent! Kiss those boys-

  8. What a lovely sweater! It’s such a delicious shade of green and perfect for spring. The dogs look very comfortable and I’m sure you were toasty warm when you were in the dog pile. Happy Friday! Have a great weekend.

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