With All the Frills Upon It

A fast-topic-changing-Good Friday…

img_9504.JPG Finished sweater! Knitting Pure & Simple’s Neckdown Summer Cardigan in Aslan Trends Invernal – an angora, merino, nylon blend.

This is my attempt at a vintage-y photo, but…

img_9523.JPG Truth be told, that vintage dress was SO tight, that my patience ran out pretty quickly.

I had to model this myself, as Anne Boleyn is currently working at The Knitting Nest.

img_9539.JPG Here’s how I’ll really wear it. In clothes that allow me to breathe.

Details on The Rav.


img_9306.JPG This is my last weekend with the Houston dogs.

120 walks.
240 bowls of food.
360 organic chicken treats.
25,0792 kisses.


14adam-600.jpg Are you watching the HBO miniseries “John Adams”? Can I encourage you to give it a try? SO GOOD.


img_9503.JPG Ike soaks up the last bit of sun in the room.


img_9544.JPG If the Easter Bunny doesn’t make it to your house, it’s because Abe got to him first. Allow me to apologize in advance.

Have a great Easter Weekend!

19 comments on “With All the Frills Upon It

  1. Glad to see you all made it through the stomach thing.

    Very pretty sweater! I love the shoulders. And I think it looks better with the T.

    I’m sure you’ll miss the Boyz. But it will be a good miss as my Mom used to say. LOL!

  2. Ooo – love the sweater. Isn’t that Aslan Trends angora blend scrumptious? Wish I had HBO – I keep hearing great things about that series!

  3. love the sweater. love the vintage dress, i wouldn’t have known it too tight if you hadn’t said anything. looks great on you. i do love the classic look. the sweater is super cas’ with the t-shirt — so comfy lookin’.

  4. I love the vintage-y photo and the gorgeous sweater!

    Hug those doggies extra tight for me…we’re having a bit of a crisis with one of ours right now.

    Oh, and the title of the post is SO holiday appropriate for this weekend! 🙂

  5. “You’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade”

    I love that song, my grandmother used to sing it to me when I was little.

    Lovely sweater!!

  6. Madam! Where IS your Easter Bonnet. It would be so cute with that stylish new sweater that you knit. I just love the bonnets with big fluffy roses on them like the ladies wear to the Kentucky Derby. I love~ love~ love~ hats! I bet you would look wonderful in one?? Have a memorable Easter.

  7. I adore that cardigan… and love part angora yarns…
    I might just have to fiendishly finish my minimal cardigan and make this next!!
    Great inspiration, thanks 🙂

  8. That sweater looks candy sweet! Very pretty and the angora blend leaves a pretty, fuzzy, halo effect. Very nice. The vintage photo looked great. I couldn’t tell it was too tight, but it you can’t breathe, it’s not worthwhile for the shot either! 🙂

    I don’t have HBO, but that reminds me to have a friend Tivo it for me.

  9. I hope you know that your nephew reads this, he will be VERY upset with Abe if he doesn’t get an easter basket!! That sweater is gorgeous!! And I wonder how the dogs will act for the first couple of days? Happy to have there own domaine back? Or sad that playmates are gone?

  10. Is this cardigan from Knitting Pure and Simple? I was just looking at it last week at Twisted Yarns. Seeing on you makes me want to make it after all.
    Katy in Houston

  11. You always look cute in photos, even when making funny faces… what’s up with that?

    I’ve been watching John Adams and it’s so good. I can’t wait ’til next week’s episode!

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