Call Me, Procter and Gamble!

Gus and Lou go back to Houston today, but here’s a little video I shot over the weekend. Watch it.


12 comments on “Call Me, Procter and Gamble!

  1. ha! my sophie does that too! i’m convinced it’s because she wants to rub out as much of the nice, clean smell as possible. it is her bed, after all, she just lets us sleep there 😉

  2. I use Fabreze on my hockey gear, but I bet the dogs still wouldn’t like the smell. I don’t even like the smell. Fabreze is good, but it isn’t THAT good.

  3. I’m not sure this is a good ad for Procter and Gamble, unless your dog has more discriminating tastes than mine. My dog’s two favorite scents that he rolls around in are lovely aromas I like to call ‘dead turtle’ and ‘green goose shit.’ This is why he doesn’t get to run around off leash very often.

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