Try to Look Natural

Hey! Glad you called! Oh, fine, fine. Busy, yeah. And you? Great! No permanent scarring, then? Very cool.

Fast-topic-changing Friday, ready for take-off…

image_086.jpg First up, a successful Booga Bag class. Cute, huh? My students are awesome.


img_9901.JPG I usually take a 15 minute nap every day. A couple of days ago I woke up from my nap with the design for a new sweater screaming in my brain. Horray for naps!

The Voices in My Nap even told me to use a book of scrapbook paper for color inspiration.

img_9904.JPG I immediately drove to The Knitting Nest, and picked out the yarn. Then, surprise! I grabbed The Yarn Harlot’s new book, which, as you can see, happens to use the same colors.
img_9906.JPG New sweater design coming soon.


img_9899.JPG This is a receipt from the postage MACHINE at the post office.

Computers are very sophisticated with their emotions nowadays, huh?


image_087.jpg Someone is graffiti-ing the white board at The Knitting Nest when I’m not watching.

I don’t know who it is, but thanks!


day-111.JPG This is my favorite self-portrait from this week. I hope it looks all casual and natural, because with no remote and only a ten-second timer to work with, it was anything but. (Set the timer. Run down the block. Get the dogs to turn around with me. Try to look natural. Repeat.)

Have a great weekend!

11 comments on “Try to Look Natural

  1. pretty bags. good job students!

    love the colors, can’t wait to see the design.

    too funny. i can just imagine watching you from across the street. “DAMN! it went off before i even turned around.” hehehe… how many takes did it take?

  2. Oh my goodness – I love the idea of you setting the timer, running down the street, and then trying to walk and look natural with the dogs. I need to get over myself and start trying to capture those kinds of shots. 🙂

  3. Whew! You are okay. I was getting worried. I had visions of googling your store for a phone number, calling and saying “uhn, this is Lori, a reader of Staci’s blog. and she didn’t do her usual posting this week. Is she okay?” How lame would that have been!

    Love the bag and the self portrait. You must not only dream up new sweater ideas in your sleep, but also fabulous new portraiture ideas, too!

  4. Ditto the worried reply. Glad to see you here.
    Love the shot of you and the dogs. Exercise is
    good, right? Bags are cool and the sweater looks
    “very interesting” (cop the accent from the 60’s
    show LAUGH IN)

  5. The yarn is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the finished sweater. Why I can’t I have such productive naps?

    I’m fairly certain that John Adams–or one of his cronies– is trapped in that stamp machine based on the receipt 🙂

  6. possum’s spray? like skunks? maybe that’s why your eyes stung…

    or perhaps it was the insanely early hour and your eyelids did not like being opened..

    Also, did the possum make that nasty tooth face and do the growling hissing thing?

    Don’t you just love possums? They’re so cute! NOT.

  7. I love how your yarn and books are color-coordinated. I can’t wait to see what you’re working on — the Booga’s are GREAT!

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