A Woman of a Certain Age

Saturday was my 40th birthday. FOUR-TEE. Four-oh.

In order to protect the innocent, I’ve refrained from posting many party photos. Everyone was cutting loose and having a good time. Party photos are never as flattering the next day, are they?

I want to thank Stephanie Gage for most of the photos. Thank you for being my volunteer birthday photographer!

This was my birthday:

2446555012_8524609508_o.jpg The day started with knitting group/morning birthday party at The Knitting Nest. Presents and cake and breakfast tacos and knitting!

Photo courtesy Stephanie Gage.

2446000626_2a1cbcaf5c_o.jpg A few moments before my guests arrived at my evening birthday party.

I was pretty excited.

2445593893_5f443fe4da_o.jpg Ike and Abe spent some time behind a baby gate…

Photo courtesy Stephanie Gage.

2445592983_3b23083e64_o.jpg …But later came out to help serve cake.

Photo courtesy Stephanie Gage.

2446418748_e235ff44de_o.jpg The weather was perfect, and the gazebo was always full of laughing people.

Photo courtesy Stephanie Gage.

2445591981_cd9d12934c.jpg Like a junior high dance, the boys and girls mingled among themselves much of the time. (Do we talk about our boobs too much?)

Photo courtesy Stephanie Gage.

2445591603_81e561e819_o.jpg Ike entertained us with a little birthday dance.

Photo courtesy Stephanie Gage.

2446421308_913d6a5a7c_o.jpg We were also celebrating the birthday of my dear friend Meg, so we decided to take our self-portraits with simultaneous camera action.

Photo courtesy Stephanie Gage.

2445594157_cb2012c8bd_o.jpg Meg and I started the evening in hot shoes, but later switched to flip-flops.

Photo courtesy Stephanie Gage.

2446030674_e0073217b5_o.jpg This is my self-portrait from the next day. Birthday wishes and obscenities on my bathroom wall.

I love my immature friends.

39 comments on “A Woman of a Certain Age

  1. ~*~ Happy Birthday! ~*~ It looks like you had a great time. And forty is the new black, so you’re in fashion 🙂

  2. Happy birthday! Looks like it was a great day for you.

    I hope the bathroom notes are either a.) written in washable markers, or b.) on a wall you’re planning on repainting??

    Lol. Funny, but I’d be a little, um well. Yes. hehe. “YOU DID WHAT TO MY BATHROOM?”

    Glad you had a good birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Staci. We celebrated our friend’s 40th this weekend as well. Having passed that milestone more than 5 years ago, I’m just hopin’ to get to 50!

  4. Happy Birthday Staci!

    I wish I was as camera happy as you and your friends…

    Oh, I finished a total of 2 sweaters, pictures are on my projects page

  5. Hey 40th birthday sister! I had mine Thursday and I’m still celebrating—it’s the new 30, they say. I had a surprise party from my sis and family for the first time so it’s been a blast. I didn’t think anyone could ever surprise me the way they did. You look great and I thought I had many years on you! Keep up the beautiful aging genes!

  6. Well wishes for the day of your birth! I raise my glass to your 40th chapter, it just gets better!

  7. Happy Birthday, Staci! If I saw you on the street, I would never guess you were 40! That looks like a super fun shindig, too. I’m with whoever said you should turn 40 every weekend–or, you know, you could just have a whopping big party, LOL!

    Also: great photos! Ike DOES look like he’s doing the Elaine dance! Ha ha!

  8. Happy birthday! The party looks like it was a lot of fun–gazebo looks very festive. Funny how it looked relaxing in your previous pic…very versital, those gazebos! Love those pink pumps!

  9. Happy birthday! Looks like an absolutely blast was had by all!

    Those “0” birthdays are hard. I have one coming up next year and I think I may just repeat the previous decade loop.

  10. Happy belated birthday! Looks like a great party, especially the graffiti (grafitti? graffitti? I hate this word) wall.
    My birthday is right around the corner and this post made me all expectant and can’twait-y.

  11. Omg! Welcome to your forties! It really is the best decade (I should know, I’m 42 in about 2 months). Looks like the party was a blast. You look wonderful. Happy birthday!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! It looks like you had a great time and I totally agree that you should have the option to have a graffiti wall in your house. I want one too!

    I love Ike’s “crazy dog” dance! I wish I could get Bruce to dance like that.

  13. Happy B-day, you little party thing, you!

    Honey, my 11-yr old son just last year caught on that I’m not 37. I’m cough*47*cough. Oh, typo – I meant 42. I’m screechin’ real close to one of those other numbers that starts with a number and ends with a zero, and I ain’t likin’ it, no m’am, not one little bit. I deserve a big ‘ole party this year – 08-08-08! Looks like your quite the party maven, I’ll just head on down to Austin and we’ll light up 6th Street (that’s the party street, right?).

  14. Happy Belated Birthday Staci – great photos, looks like a good time was had by all! Wishing you many more happy days!

  15. Far too late, but still: congrats. You look so much younger than 40; it’s only visible from the wisdom in your eyes…:-)

  16. Yay! Happy Birthday! Oh, does this mean we’re both Taruses (tarusi?)? I think it does.

    And that birthday dance looks awesome!

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