You Will Be Sold to Gypsies

We now join the fast-topic-changing Friday, already in progress.

sperrypoem.JPG Stacy entered me in the Interweave Knits poetry contest on the sly…

And I won second place! I’m pleasantly shocked and amazed.

The winners will be announced on Knitting Daily sometime soon.


image_121.jpg Playground rules at an Austin restaurant.

What are the gypsies going to do with all of those bad children?


crop.JPG A little knit I finished up this morning…the One Skein Wonder. I’m teaching a class on it this month, so this is the sample.

This is also my self-portrait for today.

img_0395.JPG This little thing can actually be a useful piece of clothing in Texas right now, since so many places over-do it with the air conditioning.

One word: Malabrigo. Yeah.


image_134.jpg Is it a holey tank top? A slutty camisole?


image_131.jpg It’s a mesh market bag, knit with corn fiber.

Paper or plastic, ma’am? Neither! I got me a corn bag!

image_136.jpg Anne Boleyn after her visit to the farmer’s market.


img_0226.JPG Silly Munky.

Have a great weekend!

12 comments on “You Will Be Sold to Gypsies

  1. Thank you, dirtsister! The only thing I did to that photo was to mess with the brightness and contrast. Maybe my eye color is enhanced by the color of the sweater.

  2. i MUST learn to knit! shrugs are absolutely perfect accessories at ballroom events. in those strappy little dresses, one gets chilled without something across ones shoulders when not dancing. love love love it!

    also want the bag. i have a thing about bags. and shoes. yah, i know.

    p.s. i’m getting a new kitty in a matter of ONE HOUR!!! (see blog in a day or so for pictures.) cannot contain excitement.

  3. I remember reading somewhere that you thought your new haircut was too short. I’m here to say nonsense! It looks absolutely adorable and you’re certainly wearing it well. Like my mother always says, “if you have a pretty face, you don’t need hair!”

  4. Congratulations on your second place winnings! You are just so darned cool! I’m glad I know you, even if it is just over the Internet!

    Btw, you look terrific! I’d say being 40 agrees with you!

  5. Congrats on the poetry win! That is a nice poem. I agree with it completely.

    Love the shrug and the self-portrait. The blue of the OSW enhances those baby blues.

  6. Stacy you’re my hero! Nothing better than living well. Happy Birthday! Mine is coming up soon too!

  7. Isn’t it rather difficult to give someone the cold shoulder while wearing one of those things?

  8. yay, you little poet! love, love, love the shrug–so clever and necessary w/refrigerated air when out on the town!
    gotta love that One Skein book…..silly monkey is so cute and knowing it too! i always look forward to the doggie pix–they make me smile

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