Monday is the New Friday

Monday isn’t really the new Friday, but a fast-topic-changing Monday can make it feel like it. I give you permission to pretend the weekend starts today!

Funny, after not posting for a while, I’m kind of nervous. Like, maybe I’ve forgotten how to do this! Let’s see how I do…

img_2285.JPG I’ve had all four Basenjis (mine and my ex’s) for almost a month now. I do love having them here, but crikey. The four-dogs-to-one-human ratio is tough on the human.

Can you imagine how many kisses I shell out in one day?


img_2120.JPG Thank you all for your kind get-well wishes regarding The Four-Week Headache. I’ve been feeling much better over the last several days.

The doctors haven’t come up with a cause, but I have a pretty good idea. I believe it has to do with the Botox wearing off. I won’t do that again!


img_2366.JPG I’m seeing a guy who might just enjoy giving me flowers as much as I enjoy receiving them. Nice, huh?

Not only is he wonderful in all kinds of wonderful ways, but there’s a bonus! He does animal rescue, he adores my dogs, AND he has a Basenji-mix of his own. I know. I’m totally lucky.


img_2346.JPG Lookit this awesome gift I got from my friend Melissa (another Basenji Rescue gal)! She stitched and embroidered this Basenji face for me out of silk. She says that Ike wasn’t the model for it, but the resemblance is uncanny.


img_2373.JPG Ah, knitting. How I love thee. I wish I could show you what I’m knitting, but I can’t. It’s a super-secret project for The Crochet Dude. Sorry – this is all ya get.


img_2362.JPG Last night was another Possum Night. Three dogs BOLTED out of bed at 3:30am to go after a possum in the backyard. HOW DO THEY KNOW?

Anyway, Gus was the only dog who agreed with me – staying in bed was a MUCH better idea.

Have a great…umm…week!

15 comments on “Monday is the New Friday

  1. So glad to hear all of your happy news…the feeling better, the much doggy love, the knitting, the gifts from friends and of course the nice gent who loves to give flowers!

    Many wishes for much happiness to you! 🙂

  2. yay for puppy kisses in return! yay for no more headache! yay for guys who give flowers just because! yay for very cool presents from friends! yay for more knitting projects! and yay for some puppies realizing it’s just stinky possum, bed with mom is the place to be!

  3. Very glad to hear that everything is on the up and up. And you do not need botox, you are very beautiful. Pets and scratches to the boys and Yummy Yarny wishes to you..

  4. Oh honey, forget the botox and enjoy every wrinkle you’ll ever have. (If you’re concerned now, you don’t want to know what happens when you approach 60! LOL!) I just LOVE looking like somebody else every time I look in the mirror! 😉

    Your new beau sounds like my kind of guy – say everything with flowers. OMG, and a rescue dude with a b/mix to boot? Are you sure you aren’t dreaming?!

    I love Melissa’s portrait in silk! What a lovely gift!

    Glad you are so busy having a good time these days! Can’t wait to see the super-secret project!

  5. Are you doing that to your face on purpose or is it something funky with the botox? Whichever it is Stop it!! It looks funny. Love IKE LOVE HIM!!

  6. (Phyllis is my sister.) What do you mean about my face? I’m making a little smirky face, but…what are you talking about? I had a headache, dammit! 🙂

  7. what a warm and fuzzy post. I like the colour of that yarn! and sleeping dog photo makes me want to take a warm, furry nap 😀

    those flowers are beautiful!

  8. It sounds like things are very good in your life! That is soooo wonderful. (Except maybe for the possum awakenings, but still!)

    Can you possibly give too many kisses to 4-legged buddies? I really think not.

  9. I now have 6 cats and I’m forever passing out kisses. THAT’s what our problem is!! Too many kisses!

    (after bloodwork, audiology work and a brain MRI my doc still doesn’t know why I can’t walk in a straight line, then after today’s earth quake I’m still a little shaky. So…I’m going to blame it on the kisses!)

    So happy to hear that everything is going so well for you. Sounds like you found yourself a wonderful guy. I’ve never had a beau that had a working “send flowers” gene.

  10. Hi! I think you remember me as the Gus’s old co-owner from year’s ago. I was just thinking about you as a doggie foster mom and went on your sight. Boy, things have changed. I am also working with a local animal shelter now in Tomball, TX. (not sure where you are living now) and would love to see Gus and the boys sometime and catch up. Your photos are beautiful. My husband Don and I have our own photo business and website with plenty of animals and other photos @

    Let me know is you are still local in Houston and maybe a doggie outing can happen sometime! Glad to hear you are doing well!


  11. I know that I would have a reaction to botox, it is the way things go for me : )
    I loved seeing Meryl Streep up on the big screen with her lovely face, we ust have to realize that we cannot help but age and it is better to accept some parts of the process…..

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