At Least MY Ike is Calm.

Over the river and through the woods to Fast-Topic-Changing Friday we go.

17455816_320×240.jpg Ike the Hurricane? Problem for Texas.
img_3049.JPG Ike the Basenji? Much less of a problem.


img_2961.JPG That Guy ripped one of his wool bicycling jerseys on a tree branch. He asked me to fix it, and “make it look like Frankenjersey”.

Ooookay, you got it. (I’ve never done Franken-finishing-work before. Pretty fun.)


img_3054.JPG Update on Brucie: he’s taking the heartworm treatment like a champ. He doesn’t seem to feel sick at all, just a little tired sometimes.

He’s a good boy. Mostly.


img_3037.JPG Brucie likes yarn. And not in a good way.

He “played” with this yarn for about .2 seconds, and this was the result.

img_3039.JPG Hey! This yarn is the same color as this box of wine!
img_3043.JPG Hey! I know this color!

(Pretty smart of the wine people to use Tiffany Blue. Caught my eye at the grocery store!)


img_3006.JPG I surprised That Guy by vandalizing one of his bicycles with knitting. He likes it.

It would have been a more intense act of vandalism if I had actually seamed it to the bike…but I opted for buttons.


img_3060.JPG I hope everyone stays safe during the hurricane this weekend. We’re sticking close to home and doing this.

Have a great weekend!

17 comments on “At Least MY Ike is Calm.

  1. Sorry to see the yarn in that shape, but I can sympathize–last night my mon’s (fourth) basenji decided to “play” with a rather intricate counted cross stitch piece. One part is still missing, and we really don’t want to know where it is….

    Good luck with (hurricane) Ike–went through Hannah last weekend, and sleep is a good way to make it through!

  2. Stacy,

    I’m glad to hear that the storm hasn’t caused you to have to evacuate or anything like that. I have a lot of imaginary internet friends in Texas and I worry about all of them during times like these.

    When Brucie finds his forever home are you going to send a skein of yarn along with him?

    Stay safe,

  3. I, too, am thinking of my internet “friends” as well as a couple of relatives in Texas. Be safe! Let us know how it goes before next Friday, please!

  4. Stay safe. Ummmmmm, is it possible that Brucie has found his forever home? I am so glad to see you doing so well. “That Guy” seems great. Yay for YOU!

  5. ooohh, scary. Sending well wishes your way…. keep your puppies safe, naughty Brucie – but he’s not himself right now!

    Please think of posting sooner than a week from now so we know you’re all okay! okay?

    PS – love the bike vandalism!

  6. Even your knitting vandalism is classy and tidy! I’m with Brucie – if I were a Basenji, I’d totally have played with that yarn.

  7. Did you get lots of phone calls asking if you were OK? My friend Alice moved to Austin last year. She said that she must have gotten 30 phone calls at a minimum from her friends and family back in Massachusetts.
    *sigh* and once again, I still say “I wanna knit like you when I grow up!”

  8. Reporting from the NW side of Houston. Had three days with no electricity. Those poor folks closer to Galveston. No phone for one day. Sketchy cell phone service. Cooking all meals on propane cooker outside. Kids out of school for 5 days! No house damage but major limb damage. Picking up limbs for the last two days. Gas almost impossible to get. Getting a little scary, actually. Grocery store shelves sparse to say the least. But, we will get through it.

  9. Does anyone else see the resemblence of Ike and Brucie? I know that that they are the same breed and all, but if Brucie ever put on weight he’d be another Ike!!! LOVE!!

  10. I’m so glad you’re ok!!! I keep thinking about you so I’m glad you posted something here cuz it’s too late (at night) to call!

  11. I *really* would have preferred a visit from YOUR Ike. The Hurricane version has left me without power now for 12 days. Staying at my parent’s house. I’m really ready to go sleep in my own bed.

    I like your Frankenstitching. And the bike vandalism.

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