Crazy, Indeed

Just a quick post to say a few things:

1. Hurricane Ike didn’t hit Austin. We are safe and well with no damage to the house.

2. Hurricane Ike DID hit Houston. Chris (my ex) was without power until a couple of days ago. His house was hot and humid and needs repairs, so he brought his dogs here for a little air conditioning relief.

So, that makes FIVE dogs for me this week. You know I love them all dearly, but…FIVE.

To make things even more interesting – Gus isn’t feeling well, so he needs special care and extra help. Even MORE interesting – Lou and Brucie are usually either tearing around the house doing the Basenji 500, or trying to rip out each others’ jugulars. Every time I sit down for a second, I have to jump up to either resolve a fight or open the back door or refill the water bowl or go on a walk or move a dog bed or hand out treats or, or, or…

Here we are this morning after the dog walks. Oh, they are sweet things.

(Ike’s the blurry one doing a trick for the treat. Abe is off in the back, trying to stay out of the way. Brucie is the super-hungry one, front and center. Lou is the tiny one in front, flipping his head from side-to-side. Gus is on the right…I had just given him a treat, and he turned his head to chew it.)


Have a great weekend!

12 comments on “Crazy, Indeed

  1. Oh so glad to hear you are okay! I’ve been worrying about you and your house since your last post! That’s an awesome photo, thanks for explaining who everyone is, I try to remember but then you add a new one to the mix!
    Bless your heart for taking such good care of these sweet boys you are a true Doggie Angel!
    I guess you’re not going to get a lot of complex knitting done at this time!

  2. Thank God we finally heard from you. OH2BLUCY and I were getting ready to drive from San Francisco to Austin to check on you, the boys and the Nest. We’ve been checking your flicker page, knew you were alive, well and darn happy.

    Knit on

  3. The boys look adorable and Brucie’s skinny little ribs don’t seem so prominent! Did Gus have surgery? In any case, they all look stinkin’ cute and very happy. Get a nap in between all that catering to the boys!

  4. God bless you! You’re a stronger woman than I. LOL!

    Give Gus more smoochies, especially on his shaved patch.

  5. Glad that everyone is ok down there. I hope Chris realizes how lucky he is the he is still in your good graces…..

    I hope little Gus is doing better soon.

  6. OMG I was thinking about you recently and dreamed you opened a cafe / knitting shop. WOuldn’t that be cool. In between basenji visits of course:)

  7. HAHAHAA!!! I have all I can do to deal with TWO let alone FIVE!!!! AND….I still think that you need to knit a red sweater for Abe…he looks so out of place!!! Then again…maybe he thinks…”hey I am ME and I am SPECIAL!!”

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