Hail to the Chief

Semi-Fast-Topic-Changing Friday on the menu today. May I suggest a Cabernet Sauvignon as your wine choice?

day-300.JPG First up – I’ve made it to DAY 300 in my year-long self-portrait photo project. THREE-HUNDRED.

Now the panic is setting in…how do I NOT take a photo of myself every day when the project is finished??

It’s become such a habit!


img_3054.JPG Let’s talk about Brucie. If you need catching up – foster dog, skinny skinny, heartworm positive.

He’s now in the second half of his 8-week heartworm treatment. The first half was a breeze, but this half is tougher on him. Poor kid.

The good news is that even through the treatment, he’s put on seven pounds!

img_3529.JPG He was a dirty, flea-infested, outdoor dog with no indoor skills. Now he’s a well-behaved, house-trained, sofa dog.

His favorite things in life are (in this order): That Guy, me, food, the other dogs, air conditioning, and a soft bed. He’s come a long way, and I’m so proud of him.

img_3019.JPG Now I have a confession to make. His name isn’t Brucie.

Keeping with my theme of presidential names for my dogs, his name is actually William Henry Harrison. Nickname: Tippecanoe. Or Tippy, for short.

img_3432.JPG I’ve kept this a secret, because he’s officially a FOSTER. FOSTER.

But really, I don’t have it in me to care for a dog for two months through this awful treatment only to pass him on to another family. I couldn’t do it to myself, to the other dogs, or especially to little Tippy.

So with his new presidential name, we know what that means…

img_3128.JPG Dwight D. Eisenhower
Abraham Lincoln
William Henry Harrison

Ike, Abe, and Tippy…how lucky am I to have three resident dogs?

Welcome to your forever home little man!

Have a great weekend!

46 comments on “Hail to the Chief

  1. Awesome, Staci! Congratulations! You are a wonderful person.

    Re: Self Portrait. Congratulations on reaching Day 300. I think you should keep on taking pictures and posting them. I’ve enjoyed looking at them. I need motivation to get mine started.

  2. Oh Staci, I SO knew you would never ever give him away!

    Congratulations to you, Tippy! You’re one lucky little fellow to have found such a great and loving home.

  3. I knew it! I knew it! Yeah!!!!!! Welcome home Tippy.

    Congratulations on reaching 300 (I am in awe!) and on adding to your Presidential Family.

  4. How could you not keep him in the family. Tippy needed love, your home was his destiny. You brought tears of joy to this heart.

    Your the BEST Staci

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!! I am so happy for him and for you!!!! Tippy now has the best home on the face of the earth! You are such a wonderful person for all that you do for the breed…Thank you for having such a giving heart!

  6. Woohooo!! Congrats on the 300!! and even more congrats to the newest addition to the family!! He’s such a cutie and he’s a lucky little boy to have you as his new human mommy.

  7. Staci, you are hilarious! You failed Fostering 102! You’re never going to get your diploma this way.

    It really is wonderful that you’re keeping him. Welcome home, Tippy!

  8. May I say I had feeling he’d end up with you? I’m so happy fo all of you.
    Your photos are awesome and amazingly creative. You must lie awake at night and think of cool things to do with your self portraits. Every so often I go through them and see what your latest ones are. One question–at the risk of sounding a little stupid, but that’s never stopped me before–are you rather tall?

  9. yay! i’m soo glad you kept him. he’s so sweet. plus, he likes “that guy”, which is a definite pro for both of them.

    300! i wonder if i should try that next year… i don’t know. let me think about it. 🙂

  10. Congratulations to all your little family! I’m sure that Abe was telling Tippy all along, “Dude, take it from me, she’s kind of predictable in these foster situations….!”

  11. Even though I have been trading on insider information far worse than Martha and ImClone, your announcement still made me cry like a “Nancy Boy”, “pony-tailed sensative guy.”
    Unfortunately, I can not blame it on PMS. (Not for three weeks.)
    It is also no longer a secret; “That Guy” is a sissy, my Cro-Magnon face notwithstanding! Pink shirts, shaved legs and crying about Evil African Voodoo Dogs…. what a wimp.

  12. Oh my – I am so happy for you and Tippy. May you have many many happy years together. (I’m all weepy about Tippy getting you for his forever person. It’s just wonderful news.)

  13. Awww… that is so fantastic!! Hooray for Tippy! He is a real cutie too.
    Congrats on making 300, I have enjoyed your creativity. Keep it up!!

    BTW, I am not sure if you should foster any more dogs. Maybe just foster females? lol!!

  14. Hey, I liked the name “Brucie”. Now you’ll probably tell us that “that guy’s” name really isn’t “that guy”. My kid the secret keeper.

  15. Doin the happy dance and tossing confetti in the air! I LOVE it when you keep your foster doggy!

    The Lord has blessed you with the ability to heal these four legged poor lost and sick souls. Your reward is wrapped in slobbery kisses and baroos and occasional opossum hunts.

    You’re the luckiest lady on the planet.

  16. I knew it… well at least I hoped it! Oh I am so happy. I am sitting here at work all misty eyed and boo hooey because of this wonderful ending. Yay for you, and Yay for Tippy. I am just so happy for you. Oh I am just sooooooo happy.

  17. I had a feeling that the chanting of “He’s just a foster!!!” wasn’t quite strong enough before and that he might work his magic on you and get to stay longer. Congratulations to Tippy, Ike & Abe! You have a fantastic family there! Baroooooooooo!!!!

  18. My eyes are LEAKING!!!!!!! Darn you! :}
    I am so happy for all of you! Little Bru… I mean Tippy, got sooooo lucky. Both of my 4 legged boys were rescued too, so I think that’s great that he’s found someone like you to be his family. Good luck with the rest of his treatment- I’ve been rooting for him, and this is such great news!

  19. Aw Shucks, who could send a face like that away.
    He is sooo cute. Congratulations!
    Looks like life is pretty good and I am so
    glad for you.

  20. Sucka! I have three dogs and I question my sanity daily, yet I would do it all over again. I adore them. I wondered how in the world you were going to give up such a perfect snoot. I adore his little black nose, snooterific! Congrats on your pooky boy!

  21. You truly touched my heart with warm feelings! He looks like a great guy and he really went thru quite a bit in such a short time. I am happy for both of you! Most of my pets have come home after being abandoned, I currently have 2 cats, both found on doorsteps. You could always find another portrait challenge if that is what you want/need to do.

  22. And here I thought you were just naming them with three letters just to make things easier for the shouting. Either way I will officially and lovingly refer to him as “Tip”.

  23. Trying to get caught up on everyone. I don’t know anything about this heartworm thing, but it sounds like it’s very bad. Glad you welcomed Tippy to the family.

  24. Okay, so I’m super late on my message, but I just wanted to add my congrats as well. You are such a good person, and Tippy is lucky to be a part of your life.

    I say here’s to another year of 365 photos!

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