Oh – I Knit This, Too.

Knitting and dogs and heartworms, oh my!

Yes, it’s a Fast-Topic-Changing Friday.

day-327.JPG New pattern!

This is the Ida Neck Wrap, named after my great-great Aunt Ida. She used to whip up something like this for me and my sisters when we were kids. I gave the pattern a little more umph, and made it available here.


2937673937_041a5f1c5a.jpg Oh – I knit this, too. I realized that I’ve hardly talked about knitting on verypink lately. It’s not like I haven’t been knitting…of COURSE not.

I finished these mittens for Christy as part of a mitten swap. They turned out so pretty!

Ravelry details.


tounge.jpg I’m happy to have some good doggie news. Tippecanoe has officially survived two months of heartworm treatment.

I’m still supposed to try and keep him from getting his heart rate up too rapidly, but now he is at least allowed some exercise. He’s such a good boy.


2937674239_73981c5575.jpg Oh – I knit this, too. It’s Mr. Greenjeans, with a few mods.

LOVE this sweater.

Ravelry details.


img_3722.JPG Ike and Tippy are totally BFFs. It is so awesome to watch.

They both get along well with Abe, but it’s different. Abe is more of a loner (until bedtime). Ike and Tippy are both a little needier when it comes to company, and I’m so glad they have each other.


2.jpg Oh – I knit this, too. It’s the Moebius Shawl from Drops Design.

I held two strands of yarn together to knit this, one of them being an angora blend. Just enough fuzz.

Ravelry details.


img_3761.JPG This tiny little bed was purchased for this dog. Tippy is still pretty skinny (although he’s put on over seven pounds at my house!), so he can curl up into a tiny ball.

But clearly, this bed is too small.

img_3685.JPG Smoosh!

Abe, who is practically twice the size of Tippy, fits just fine. Well, he smushes into it just fine. This is ridiculous.

Have a great weekend!

14 comments on “Oh – I Knit This, Too.

  1. I’m so glad to hear that Tippy is doing so well and has found a BFF. When I see a picture like that I feel guilty that Raisin doesn’t have a live in BFF. But she’s such a social little butterfly, she has about 5 BFFs that she has regular play dates with.

    P.S. Did you do a faux finish on your wall? Spill.

  2. Yay! A new post! I missed seeing the furry ones and your awesome knitting. Cheers from the S.F. Bay Area, where the sky is a beautiful blue today!

  3. Um, okay, so I don’t even know these dogs, but I’m so glad to see that Ike and Tippy have bonded, especially after hearing about Gus’s passing and reading about how well those two got along. I’m not much of a dog person, but these little Basenjis have really gotten to me! :))) They’resocute!

  4. You knitting is gorgeous as always. I don’t know how you get it all done! Sweet doggie photos, I’m glad Tippy’s doing better. I had a dog who loved to squish into small boxes and beds – so I’m sure that bed will still get lots of use – and yes, they also like to make it their own shape don’t they?

    Great to see your post, stay well.

  5. I love the bed pictures! Jubilee lifts up the bottom cushion on hers and crawls underneath. No one ever said Basenji’s weren’t interesting dogs.

  6. LOVE the yin-yan dogs-in-a-bed picture!
    I am glad to see a new post from you too, I was beginning to miss you 😉 … well as much as some strange chick in Florida who’s never met you but really has no desire to STALK you or anything, can miss a person who posts on a blog with awesome pictures of dogs and yarn. No, I’m not all that normal, why do you ask?

  7. Glad to see you back! You’ve not had an easy time of it lately, have you? But managing to stay upbeat, nonetheless – I admire your strength. Cheers!

  8. Glad to see you chipper. Some knitting you have been doing.
    Wow, I want a greenjeans too.
    What a face on that boy Tippy, (smack)Give him a kiss for me.

  9. Your boys look absolutely adorable in their beds! How do you keep from plopping on the floor and burying your face in all of that cuteness??

    I see from your flickr page that Tippy’s having a rough time. You’re taking such good care of him that I bet he’ll be feeling better soon!

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