We Are Here! We Are Here!

Horton Hears a Who, right?

We ARE here, I swear. Thank you for all of the kind emails wondering if we’re okay – and we are. It is my busy season right now (temps dropped a little, and everyone wants to knit), plus the fact that I’m using every spare moment I have to knit Christmas gifts for my family in Alaska.

Here’s a little catch-up:

img_4411.JPG Let’s start with Tippy, my new rescue dog. (He’s the “top dog” in this photo.)

Before I tell you how bad he is, let me say first that he’s sweet and loving and eager to learn.

Now for the dirt.

3039691156_ea99e35cf3.jpg Tippy chews handknits.
3075408570_2634a705fd.jpg Tippy destroys makeup brushes and shreds toilet paper.

He also tries to eat every piece of trash off the ground on walks, and (like Abe) he drags rugs and towels and tv remotes into the backyard.

img_4399.JPG Small things, really, when I consider how well he gets along with the other dogs.

We’ve had a setback on his heartworm treatment, but nothing to worry about. His body is just taking longer to rid himself of the dead worms than expected. He should be perfectly healthy soon.

img_4086.JPG Oh – I’ve been doing so much knitting, but I can’t show you much of it until after Christmas.

But here’s a little ditty I knit for myself – 28thirty from Zephyr Style.

Ravelry details.

babyhat.jpg Something else that’s keeping me busy…I only have 12 days left in my year-long self-portrait photo project.

I’m trying to think of an appropriate finale for the last photo. Hmmm.

img_4130.JPG Basenji torture = Ike as Santa.

I couldn’t get a decent photo while he was plotting my murder.

Last up – a little movie. This was supposed to be a video of Tippy purring (he sounds like a LION), but all you can hear is Ike’s high-pitched purr. Oh, and some post-breakfast yawning and smacking.

12 comments on “We Are Here! We Are Here!

  1. It so sad that he eats things like that…. although I bet the socks weren’t eaten all the way due to smell issues. ha!
    And if you put me in a hat like Ike’s, you’d be on my hit list, too.

  2. I was about to leave you a message too – I was worried. Glad everyone’s okay. My mum’s dog was like that – he picked up everything – I was so curious to see an x-ray of his stomach as I was sure we’d find paperclips, and twist ties and goodness knows what else.

    Fabulous photos, gorgeous dogs and wonderful knitting as always. Glad you hear that things are going well. I missed your posts.

    I love how shiny their coats are. My husband complains because my dog is white with brown spots but he says she always looks dirty. I little shine would help wouldn’t it?

  3. I never worry unless I don’t see you online at Facebook in awhile. 🙂
    In knit news, I finished something. The Ida scarf thingie from your pattern. I used a renegade ball of Patons Up Country that was banging around in the closet-that-needs-cleaning and it went so fast, I didn’t put it up on Ravelry yet.
    Don’t know what to do with it either because it doesn’t look good on me and even if it did, I’m in Phoenix where we rarely have scarf weather. 🙁
    But it’s finished and that’s what’s important. Because I always hear how I never finish anything. (it’s not true)

  4. Glad to know that everything is ok on your end of the world. The pics of you and the boys are gorgeous. You are such and artist!

  5. I was worried, but resisted the urge to ask – figured if you had trouble, you sure didn’t need me nagging. 😉 I’m so glad you’re just inundated with projects!

    Oh, Tippy, you’re a badsenji after Ruby’s heart – you two would have such fun on walks, trying to beat each other to tasty trash!

    Must be deaf, I couldn’t hear any purring at all. But YOU have a lovely voice! 🙂

    By the way, you look terrific in red!

    Last thing: I gave up on knitting. The woman who was teaching me didn’t know how to do what I wanted to learn (remember that beaded scarf kit I bought?), and now I have a maniac cat to contend with. Oh well!

  6. Did you know that dogs normal dogs don’t purr? Well, well, it’s now finally out you REAlly don’t have “dogs” do you !!! Ike and Tippy really look alot alike, Tippy just needs to gain some pounds, it makes Ike look like he is heavy again!! Ha-ha

  7. Both mine purr too(Juba sounds like a lumberjack). People who don’t know them will sometimes think it’s a growl, but it’s rumbles of happiness.

    I glad Tippy is fitting in so well. And just think how clean you house will be, since you have to keep everything behind closed doors. Everyone thinks I’m a clean freak and it’s really just self and stuff preservation.

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