Shake It Like a Polaroid

Christmas is coming, the dogs are getting fat. Please to put an organic liver treat in the old man’s hat. (My version of an obscure Christmas song.)

Friday! Change topics! Fast!

img_4457.JPG I checked the map, and Austin is still in Texas. Hard to believe today. It was 34 degrees when I walked the dogs this morning.

Know what’s sad about this photo? I knit FOR A LIVING, and the only handknit here is my scarf.


img_4464.JPG Oh, it’s so hard to get a decent photo of a black dog.

Abraham is ready for winter. He don’t need no stinkin’ handknits. He’s grown a thick, soft coat that feels like a bunny. In fact, it’s supercold right now and he’s outside. Sunbathing.


img_4467.JPG This blurry mess is handknit Christmas gifts. (Intentionally blurred for secrecy.)

My plan this year – chunky yarn, or double-strands of worsted. Big needles. Big stitches. Quick projects. Warmth for my family in Alaska.


img_4445.JPG Yesterday was an anniversary of sorts for me. I’ve now lived in Austin for one full year. I closed on this house on December 3, 2007, and moved in the next day.

Seriously, what a year of changes it’s been. So awesome.


img_4468.JPG Good news. Tippy has FINALLY stopped coughing. His body is winning the battle against the heartworms.

The bad news? He has more energy than ever, and he uses it for evil. I’m remembering now what it’s like to live with a three year-old Basenji. I never get a chance to sit down.


Last up – a little movie. Here’s the story…

I’m generalizing here, but Basenjis aren’t known for being super “bouncy” or “waggy”. They’re hounds, not terriers – and they have the demeanor of hound dogs. (My dogs spend most of their time trying to be cool.) This clip is an “excited” Tippy. His little cinnamon bun tail barely shifts from side to side. I have dog treats in my hand, and he wants one. (Please excuse my voice here…I’m using my get-the-dogs-riled-up voice, and it’s ridiculous.)

Have a great weekend!

12 comments on “Shake It Like a Polaroid

  1. Congratulations – I bet one year went by really fast! I can’t believe I’m renewing my mortgage for the second time – I never thought I’d stay here so long – where does the time go!

    And the same thing with the cold weather – I give away so much of my knitting that I’m wearing purchased hats and mitts – I’m going to work on changing that!

    Love the video – so cute!

    I know what you mean with the newfound energy – I have a 13 yr old Aus. Cattle Dog – who has spent the last 8 weeks with chemotherapy and cancer medicine – the tumour has shrink as fast as she’s regained her energy – my word! That dog is unreal! No senior moments for this girl! (me and my dog, ha ha ) But we love them nonetheless, don’t we?

    Glad to see you back again.

  2. tick…. tock…. i love that little almost wag he has. 🙂

    this will be the christmas of handmade gifts from me as well. here’s hoping i get them all done in time!

  3. I don’t feel so bad now. It was 33 here in Boston this morning.

    LOL! One of my fosters would wag his little “cinnamon bun” tail occasionally, but alas, Raisin does not. I love it. And I am so so glad Tippy is feeling better. But tell him to calm down until he’s completely better.

    Congrats on the House anniversary. I know what you mean. Where does time go?

    I too am being crafty for Christmas. I’ve gotten the mobius scarf by Cat Bordhi down and can knock one off in an evening.

  4. How fast a year went! I couldn’t really make out if it was cold or warm at yours… the sun is shining, so I bet it is much warmer than here in Amsterdam (almost freezing cold).

  5. So cute! Since both my Basenjis are too cool for school and old, we don’t get much wagging of anything around here. We do get a lot of disgusted snorts though.

  6. So, my computer wouldn’t open the video, but that little dog looks like a younger Ikey!! You don’t remember living in AK do ya? 50-75 mile an hour winds with rain sideways and temps to negative degrees; oh how easily your blood thins!! Congrats on the one year mortgage, this day an age it’s really something to celebrate!!!

  7. That tail really is a cinnamon bun! Glad Tippy’s responding to his meds, too bad he’s not channeling his new found energy for good. Everyone at work was raving about Labradoodles being so adorable, so I had them google Basenjis. No one else had heard of them before.
    As to your weather…I’ll take your 34 degrees and give you the snow day we’re having. Actually, I won’t. It’s great to hang out and try and get something done.
    Congrats on your one year anniversary. You should be proud of how far you’ve come!

  8. Someone saw my picture of Lou on Saturday and said he was a cute terrier. I don’t think I’ve ever corrected someone so fast on the breed of a dog! I do adore your Basenjis!

    Congratulations on the one year milestone. You look quite blissfully happy in that photo. Good to see you on the other side.

    Is it the CPH it looks lovely. Kinda looks like Arwin.
    Looks purple on my ‘puter. Please share.

  10. Congratulations on finishing your 365 self-portrait project! I’ve loved seeing your work. I hope you’ll continue to shoot self-portraits. Your accomplishment and the photos in the project are amazing!

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