I’m here! I don’t have Swine Flu! I still have a computer!

Many thanks for all of the sweetly-worded hate mails, because they worked. Lookit! I’m updating!

Pardon me while I bitch for a moment. Verypink has been under a nearly constant barrage of hacker attacks. My WordPress style sheets have been full of European drug website ads that I’ve been deleting as I find them. The biggest problem is that this hacking has somehow changed the font you see next to the photos, making it bigger. I already had a very limited amount of space for text, and now it’s even less. Ugh. Still trying to find a way to fix this.

Fast-Topic-Changing Friday, ready for takeoff.

birfday.jpg If I look different, it’s because I’m OLDER. It was a month ago now that I had my 41st birthday.

Surprisingly, 41 feels a lot like 40, which felt a lot like 22.


malabrigo.jpg This ittybitty bit of yarn…
whispers.jpg Knits up as lightly as an underweight feather…
5.jpg To make an entire sweater to fit a grown-ass woman.It’s the Featherweight Cardigan, and it is currently my very favorite sweater.

Ravelry deets.


2.jpg Abe and Tippy have recently become evil partners in crime. They don’t copy each other’s good behavior, just the bad. Pull all the towels off the rack? Let’s do it together! Shred toilet paper? We’re a team!


sock.jpg I’m working on a new sock design. No. I’m re-working a sock I designed a couple of years ago, because I didn’t bother to write it down as I designed it the first time.

Free pattern available soon.


kathmandu.jpg Another new design. Still a big secret.


img_7117.JPG Baseball season in a city with no MLB team. Instead, I can go to UT games, or frequent sports bars that have the MLB cable package. (The only problem with the sports bar is the amount of pub grub and beers I accidentally consume while I watch these games.)


img_7052.JPG The futon mattress ended up on the floor when I removed the cover to wash it. It suddenly became THE COOLEST PLACE IN THE HOUSE, according to my little partners in crime.


party-hat.JPG Had to sneak in a photo of Ike.

Have a great holiday weekend!

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  1. yay! missed you. [random facts] my bff has a major thing for the cubs and since we’re “just” far enough away that going to games is kind of a hassle, she has the mlb package on her satellite AND the app on her blackberry. she’s friends with one of the guys… i’m still waiting to be invited to a game. he bought me jewelry once… [/random facts]

    *shakes fist at hackers*

  2. What a great reader I am. I have consistently checked your blog over the past eons and was very close to deciding that you were never going to post again. Happy day for me when my persistence was rewarded just now. Thank you for letting us know you are okay, and we all hope you can get your web problems resolved!

  3. I knew you were alive! Kidnapped by Facebook, perhaps 🙂
    I need to send you a pic of an afghan and find out if you know where one can find a pattern for it. I’m getting a little nuts with the looking and so far, I can only find a kit for a baby and I really only want a pattern.
    But I’ll tell you that on FB. As soon as I can find a scanned pic.
    Not that I’ll be knitting it in this 110 degree heat….
    Frank in Phoenix

  4. Yay! So glad to see you again!
    Happy belated birthday – you look so marvelous!
    Sorry to hear about the scum bags that are attacking you – so not fair, don’t they have any porn sites to bother?

    Hope next time won’t be so long (but I understand)


  5. Just my luck to check in while waiting for inspiration to strike for a column topic; must have it written by tomorrow morning. Ah, procrastination.

    Happy belated birthday, Staci!

    Your dogs have been missed. Ike is too cute!

  6. It’s so great to see you back and posting again!! I was so worried that you’d decided not to blog anymore! YAY!

    Happy Belated Birthday!!

  7. Well, welcome back stranger!

    Now that you’ve updated maybe I should do the same!

    I missed you.

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