Step-Thud, Step-Thud

No, that’s not Quasimodo sneaking up behind you. It’s me. I broke my foot. Oh, I wish I had a good story to tell about the break. Like maybe…

I dropped a sledgehammer on my foot!

Rollerderby practice!

I kicked someone!

The truth is that I WOKE UP with a broken foot. I know that sounds impossible, I hardly believe it myself. I went to bed fine and walking on two feet, and woke up around 6am in pain. I knew my foot was probably broken, but people don’t wake up with broken feet, right?

Apparently, I injured my foot some time in recent history, and KILLED A BONE. Dead. Dead bone. It’s called osteonecrosis. That bone has been getting more and more brittle, just waiting for the day that I roll over in bed and break it.

img_7996.JPG This is the classic “step-thud” photo. I was on crutches the first couple of days, but I’ve been getting around in the walking cast pretty well since then.

The good news is that all of my right shoes are getting a much needed rest.

xray.JPG Here’s the scoop.

See that little bone chip that has decided it “needed some space” from the rest of my overbearing and controlling foot? Yeah. And the really white piece of bone it broke from is the dead part. And the bottom of the dead part is more broken mess. The doctor couldn’t tell if it’s one big broken chunk, or sort of a brittle bone crumble.

img_8001.JPG We’ll know more later today, because I had an MRI last night.

The MRI should show how much bone is dead, and if my foot can heal without surgery.

Or if my foot is going to break again next time I drop a kitchen towel on it.

img_7997.JPG Here I am filling out the forms before my MRI. Are you pregnant? No. Knocked up? No. With child? No. Preggo? No. Got a bun in the oven? No. Baby bump? No. In a family way? NO NO NO.

I swear, I answered that question 20 times last night.

2.JPG Gettin’ crafty wit it.

I’ll report back with more news soon.

img_7991.JPG The dogs seem to know I’m injured, and they’re being really good. They’re being cool with short, slow walks. Well, Ike and Abe are. Tippy is a pain in the ass. Good thing he’s cute.

Finally, a well-lit photo of Abe. So handsome.

Have a great weekend on your two healthy feet!

12 comments on “Step-Thud, Step-Thud

  1. Sorry for you/your foot! The crafted-up cast is kick-ass, though! I’m crossing my fingers you don’t have to have surgery.

  2. oh no! How awful! I love your crafty cover, you smart girl and sounds like you’re in great spirits so you have to have a speedy recovery!
    Great story as usual and I agree, some dogs just seem to know when you need help.
    Get well soon. Heal foot, heal!

  3. 1. i think your blog has been hacked – or you have a lot of really bizarre meta text that’s showing!

    2. feel better broken foot!

  4. Thank you! I couldn’t see the text, but I went into my style sheets, and sure enough, it was there. I get hacked almost every day. Such a pain.

    Thank you again!
    S t a c i

  5. That really sucks! No marathons for you, young lady. Seriously, I hope they’re able to fix you; dead bone sounds vewy scawy! (Like, is it likely to happen to other bones in your body? Yikes!)

    Abe looks really smart and oh-so-handsome!

    Hey, how do you know you’ve been hacked? And why would anyone want to? I’ve never understood this…

    (Mailed Cowboy’s tag to Wendy this morning. NOW I understand!)

  6. Yeeooouch! Hope everything goes well and heals quickly. Keep us posted and take pics of each new splint design. Oh, and make sure the boys take good care of you. Also, eat lots of spinach salads, ice cream sundaes, and drink plenty of milk and malts!

  7. Geesh. Hope you heal without surgery and nothing else spontaneously breaks. And Chey’s right. Dead bone sounds scary!

  8. Hi there I recently broke my foot as well and in a regular cast that I can’t remove which really sucks! So, I must say that is an interesting story how you broke it I am not sure if people laugh more at your story or mine. I was running to catch a cab in NYC and it was raining and I swear the curb came out of nowhere and I just stepped off and landed wrong! Well, a few hours later in the ER it was confirmed that I fractured some bone in my foot and follow up with a specialist to get a cast. So, here I am dealing with the foot and all the kind and lovely people that take public transportation in NYC that wouldn’t care if I stood most of the way to work!
    Feel free to email and write,Dave

  9. Looking at your x-ray, you and I are opposites!!! Just go directly over your foot to the other side and thats where I broke a bone, mines not dead as far as I know and I hope this isn’t genetic. I don’t need to wake up with another broken foot!!!! I hope your feeling ok, and Tippy realizes that he is NOT the only dog in the world!!!

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