And Then…

Fast-Topic-Changing-Friday. No, SUPER-Fast-Topic-Changing-Friday. That’s just the way things have been around here.

Have you ever looked ahead to your schedule, noticed that you were going to be busy, and then planned ahead to make it easy on yourself? I did laundry, caught up on emails, cleaned the house, stocked up on dog food, etc. And then…

A bunch of crazy stuff happened, throwing hundreds of tiny wrenches into my well-oiled machine. Nothing major, just annoyances, really. The kinds of things I would shrug off if they hit me one-at-a-time.

As a last straw, I started doing stupid things while trying to function in the chaos. Like realizing there was nothing to eat in the house, going to the grocery store and spending $50, and getting home to realize I hadn’t bought anything to eat. Ha!

Time to slow down and get my head on straight.

fever.jpg Poor Ike got sick. I’m sure because he ate something disgusting off the ground. Nothing serious, but I was worried about dehydration in this heat. He’s back to eating regularly and bossing the other dogs around.


img_8170.JPG I think my foot is doing well. I’m able to spend some time out of the cast now, trying to get my muscles loosened up.

It isn’t totally comfortable, so I’m trying to distinguish what is injury pain vs. atrophy discomfort. I know, I know, go to the doctor, right? My visits to the doctors have been so frustrating that I’m kinda hoping my foot just gets better already.


img_8174.JPG Aww! My breakfast made a heart!


3.JPG This is Cowboy, a foster boy I took in for 24 hours before before he went to his forever home. He was a delight! I did, however, have to stay home for those 24 hours, since there wasn’t going to be time to help acclimate him to my home more permanently. Lucky for me, Amanda brought me food that day.


22.JPG Ike and I are both on the mend.


img_8290.JPG Tippy’s got it right. Time to slow down, catch up on baseball, buy some groceries, make fun plans for the weekend, and get a grip again. Chaos doesn’t suit us.

Have a great weekend!

10 comments on “And Then…

  1. Chaos and me don’t work well together either. I have a lot of regrouping on the schedule for this weekend – and hope yours has lots of that as well! Sounds like you could use a bunch of it!!

  2. Awesome photos as always. Sorry your plans didn’t work out- but it’s good that you got done what you did!

    Glad you both getting better. And listen to Tippy!

  3. I’m approaching the end of summer CHAOS too. The last two weeks of August are pure hell on wheels, and I hope this baby stays put till at least the end of the month. I’m due in late September, but #4 might have other ideas.

  4. So sorry to hear about your foot! I hope you are feeling better and healing and have gotten some good news from a doctor.(The word “frustrating” is not good, especially when used to describe a doctor!) Hang in there and make sure you take time to take care of yourself, and let others keep pampering you a bit.

  5. Hope you’re feeling better! Love the photo of you and Ike. It’s true, people do look like their pets. Well shaped heads, straight noses, you’re both classically beautiful! 🙂

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