Begone, Spam Monsters!

*crickets chirping*

Oh, hi! I really haven’t been ignoring this website. In fact, I’m here tending to it SEVERAL TIMES A DAY, cleaning up spammer/hacker crap.

Are you seeing this site right now with lines and lines of links to European drug companies? Or links to a chiropractor in California? Or links to a website that introduces you to hot Russian women? That’s because I’ve stepped away from the computer, to take a shower or eat breakfast or work or walk dogs. I’ll be right back to clean it up. Sigh.

No more ranting. I’m well on my way to getting WordPress updated so that this won’t happen anymore. As you can imagine, I haven’t felt very inspired to post in a while, only to have my words blanketed in a sea of spam. I’m excited to get this fixed! I have so much to share, including new knitting videos!

Here’s a little catch-up of what’s been going on around here, Fast-Topic-Changing Friday style…

3828288540_dd3b772349.jpg I had the pleasure of dogsitting Chris’ dogs for a week in August. Five dogs is a lot of dogs, but this pack together was so much fun.

Ike is the laziest alpha dog ever, which sets the tone for a very mellow pack.


fwc.JPG New sweater. Featherweight Cardigan using Spinning Colors yarn.

Ravelry details.


2.JPG It was one year ago that Tippy came to my home as a foster dog. His name was Brucie back then, and he was on the brink of starvation and sick with heartworms. So much has changed for the better!

I’m so proud of this little man.


ishbel.JPG Finished shawl. Ishbel, also knit with Spinning Colors yarn.


drew.JPG My good friend Drew came to Austin to teach a couple of crochet classes at The Knitting Nest.

Drew and I were regular knitting buddies back in Houston, and it had been far too long since we’d seen each other. So good to see him.


3.jpg Finished hat. It’s the Vine and Leaf beret from the latest issue of Vogue Knitting.

The hat is great and I really like it, but I’m surprised that I do. It has been years since I’ve found anything in Vogue Knitting that I’ve wanted to knit. Ravelry details.


img_8638.JPG If you’ve ever photographed animals, you know that you’re pretty much at their mercy. They may or may not decide to do what you ask. They move out of the light. They wiggle. But sometimes they set themselves up for a photo without your help, and you had better have your camera ready.


pioneer.JPG Finished top. It’s Pioneer from, and this is a sample for a class I’m teaching this month. It is so. very. cute.

Ravelry details.

Can you tell I’m on a Tiffany Blue kick?


3838413658_b1138fa373.jpg I started this post complaining, so I’ll end it with a happy, smiling WillieMcGee.

Have a great holiday weekend!

11 comments on “Begone, Spam Monsters!

  1. Oh so glad to see you – I was worried – thought maybe your foot had gotten worse!
    Sorry to hear about those spammers, hope there’s something you can do to block them.
    Bless your heart for taking on 5 dogs. I have no idean how you get any knitting done – my one puppy is enough for me!
    Glad you have a visit with Drew – he sounds like a wonderful person.
    Happy to hear you and your dawgs are all well too. One year sure when fast!

    Hope to see you next Friday again!

  2. I enjoy your postings so much. I just wanted to tell you that as a knitter and dog lover, who’s always way way to busy, its refreshing to read your sight and to see how much joy you get from your furry companions too. My Max, Monty & Mango keep me laughing without even trying daily. Thanks again.

  3. Perhaps I am the gazillionth person to mention this, but Tippy has been with you for a year now, yet the “About Me” section of your blog still mentions only Ike and Abe! Is it time?

  4. I love the picture of all five dogs walking together! (And I’m very impressed with your dog-walking skills, sometimes I can barely handle my two dogs). Your finished projects are all beautiful. I’m planning a Spinning Colors order already . . .

  5. I’m glad to see your site is getting fixed- what an awful thing to go through. Love all of your knitting and dogs,


  6. Lindy – things are going to change on verypink soon, and updating my “about me” page is part of it. I honestly hadn’t noticed that I left Tippy out until a couple of weeks ago! Poor Tippy.

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