What Would I Do Without Netflix?

Okay, judge me if you must, but I’ve been on a made-for-tv miniseries kick lately, specializing in Richard Chamberlain. Netfix is pretty great for satisfying one’s craving for such things.

shogun First, I watched Shogun, which was 12 levels of awesome.

Samurai! Swords! Love! Hate! Kimono! Pirates!

thorn_birds_restored Last night I finished The Thorn Birds. Oh, what a good story.

But I’m not posting about it today because it’s a good story. I want to talk about the age progression makeup. Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward start out as youngsters in the series, and are old wrinklies by the end.

Here they are in the bloom of youth…

Thorn-Birds_l …And here they are as senior citizens.

The interesting thing to me is that since this show is 27 years old now, we can actually SEE how these two look as older people, and we can see the talent that went into their makeup.

chuck_larry_03_wenn1452059 This is a recent photo of Richard Chamberlain. He grew older to look EXACTLY LIKE THE MAKEUP ARTISTS THOUGHT HE WOULD.

Way to go, RC! Handsome as ever!

1510 And a modern photo of Rachel Ward. If you ignore the gray hair from the show, they did another fine job.

With that, I think I’ve watched all of the made-for-tv mini-series starring Richard Chamberlain, so sadly, I must move on.

callum-blue-lrs-012345 Next up – Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I don’t know if it’s going to be any good, but I’ll watch anything starring this man, Callum Blue. He was in Dead Like Me, another series I watched this year.

Lots of good Christmas knitting time ahead.

4 comments on “What Would I Do Without Netflix?

  1. Very interesting observation about the make-up! And very smart of you to watch those series – much better than cable TV!!!!!
    I loved Dead Like Me – another great show that didn’t make it but should have!
    Happy Christmas knitting!

  2. i am very excited that they are finally offering netflix streaming via the ps3… i live and breathe netflix. discs, laptop streaming, and now streaming to my TV? heaven.

  3. I love Netflix! We canceled our cable, and with Netflix we really don’t miss much. I love being able to watch several episodes of a show at once. Yay!

  4. Loved Dead Like Me. Wish they hadn’t been cancelled. Weeds is a great one to rent as well as Madmen and 30 Rock. Happy watching!

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