The State of the Cunning Plan

My New Year’s Resolution is off to a good start. It feels awkward to talk about it, but I know the whole accountability thing is a powerful motivator. (If you haven’t read why I have a resolution to lose weight, you’re missing the most interesting part of the story.)

Here’s what’s happening so far:

In my goal to lose 25 lbs, I thought that I would lose it slowly over the year, like two pounds a month. I didn’t think that through very well. Of course I’m going to lose most of the weight up front. Duh.

I have lost 8 pounds in 7 days already. OMG. A friend of mine said, “That’s impossible”. I KNOW.

Losing 8 pounds doesn’t feel like much of an accomplishment, because I tragically gained 8 pounds over the holidays. So it seems like I’m really just getting started now.

I posted the photo below to flickr shortly after Thanksgiving. I was really glad to have FINALLY found jeans that are long enough for me, but they had serious bagging in the ass area, due to my natural lack of ass. Losing weight isn’t helping this problem. They fit better if they’re fresh from the dryer, but I can’t wash my jeans 3 times a day.


This whole jeans thing is worth mentioning because of my lifelong relationship with high waters and chilly ankles. Finding long pants is like finding a pot of gold.

These first few pounds have fallen off my body with very little effort. I’m still eating. I haven’t increased my activity level. I still drink beer. I realize that I’ll probably have to step it up as I get closer to my goal, but this is pretty awesome so far.

And here ends my one-week status report. Fifty-one weeks to go.

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  1. I can relate to the pants thing, I’m 5’10” with a 34″ inseam, very difficult to find pants – they only really started making longer legs a few years ago when more women wore high heels with pants the the fashion was for the pant to almost touch the floor.

    So if you didn’t change much, what did you change? That’s a terrific weight lost for a person who isn’t even overweight. Come one, there must be something…. please help!

  2. I think you are the best. Since we are only weeks apart in age I may have to try your plan. Try to stay warm.

  3. I started my diet on the 1st of the year, and by the 6th, I’d lost 5 pounds. Everyone thinks I’m starving myself, and I swear I’m not!!I just cut out every last drop of sugar…But, I’m looking at your photo, and I’m thinking “She wants to lose 25 pounds?!?!” You’re so tiny!! Girl, I’m 190 pounds, 5’5″… I wish I could shed the pounds knitting and crocheting…:) Thanks, by the way, for the “How To” socks videos on You Tube! They are great! If I hadn’t found them, I totally would have given up.

    Good luck on your diet, and the best new year’s wishes to you!

  4. Congrats on the 8 lbs! I had to chuckle when you mentioned not being able to find pants long enough though, at 5’5,my biggest problem has been finding pants NOT long! I usually have to buy the average size and shrink them some….lol! BTW, since I have enough butt for 2 people, I’ll be happy to share! LOL

  5. I’ve always turned to Weight Watchers to lose weight only because they aren’t too judgmental about goal weights, which I like. I want to lose my last 18 pounds but people tell me I’m thin enough. But, like you, I’m using the BMI and my thin jeans as a deciding factor.
    The most helpful thing I learned from Weight Watchers was not to skip breakfast because it kick starts the metabolism. I used to just grab coffee and go.
    And when I stick to my points but have a week where I lose no weight, I take one day and eat as many points as humanly possible and go back on the plan the next day and I find I lose weight. Metabolism is a tricky mistress 🙂

  6. Congratulations! And I have jeans advice for you. Like you, I’m tall and tush-challenged. If you’re willing to spend the money (and that’s a big if), try Hudson jeans.

  7. I know what you mean about high-waters. I’m not all that tall (5’8″) but my height has always been in my legs. Plus, my arms are long. I remember my mom threatening to sew ruffles on EVERYTHING because my sleeves and pants were never long enough. I seem to find brands that fit perfectly, and then they change them…

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