Back to Basics

The last several pairs of socks I’ve made have involved row counters, charts, notes, cable needles, and Advil. I took a giant step back from all of that and made some socks that didn’t require thinking or anti-inflammatories.

Before I show you, let’s get Tippy out of the way. Tippy MOVE IT.


Here we go. These socks were knit with Aslan Trends Santa Fe sock yarn in Alaska Blue. The plies of this yarn are really tightly twisted, which gives clear definition to each stitch. And I love the colorway, which made it a pleasure to work with.


I used a standard, simple toe-up sock pattern, which means that I used every last inch of yarn with no leftovers. I knit them in a 2×2 rib for a super-stretchy, snug fit. The 2×2 rib is so mindless that these socks made awesome Netflix Knitting. And, I went up a needle size from what I normally use, so they knit up in no time.


Tippy, please.


As you can imagine, I cast-on to make an identical pair within minutes of finishing the second sock. I’m using Three Irish Girls sock yarn for these…some yarn that I used to start a pair of socks almost two years ago, but decided to rip out because they were too tight.


To end this post, I’ll show you where Tippy is right this moment. He’s in my mini photo studio, which I used as a makeshift softbox to light up these photos on this gray, rainy day. I think it’s probably still warm in there from the lights, but he’s a weirdo, anyway. Cute, but weird.


For more of Tippy’s weird cuteness, jump over to the Basenji Rescue blog where today I introduced the world to the Senji-Clean™ Advanced Dishwashing System.

8 comments on “Back to Basics

  1. Basenji’s seem to have a few behaviors that are similar to cats. Love the blue socks and it’s good to know that professional knitters get tired of complicated patterns too!

  2. Thank you for the sock video! You really helped my knitting group “The Twisted Knitsters” as socks are our new winter project. Everyone is raving about your site. 🙂

  3. Tippy likes it warm, like most basenjis. Flood lights feed his desire for notoriety as well as the warm serengeti. Love your sock tutorials.


  4. Good Morning, could you tell me, do you have a video about a stretchy cast on for a hat I want to start? You are the best teacher. I’ve spent hours sitting in front of the computer looking at you tube videos until I want to scream I just don’t get it. Probably, considering I don’t like the long tail cast on anyway.

    Thanks very much.

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