All the Chilly Basenjis

It was just a few years ago that I only knew about three other people who knit and lived with Basenjis. I know of so many more now, which is why I’ve decided to go ahead and make this pattern available.

Ike's Sweater

This is Ike’s Collegiate Sweater. It is 100% wool, and made to fit the unique curves of a Basenji. Free Ravelry Download.

I recommend this pattern for experienced knitters only. Because each dog is shaped differently (and there are no standard sizing charts for this!), you will need to be able to follow the sizing notes and knit this to fit your dog.

Here is a photo of the underside of the sweater…


Doesn’t it look like this horn player from Star Wars???



12 comments on “All the Chilly Basenjis

  1. I have the hardest time making things that will fit Deedle because of her bulbous chest. I will definitely check out that pattern. Thanks so much for sharing it! Ike looks very glamorous.

  2. Bashirsmomma, I’m too afraid to make many things lol. I have no pets, I just have 4 children and they’re animal enough.

    And Stacy, who’s behind Ike in the couch cushions? “Hey! camera! I think I’ll horn in on this one today”

  3. I think Pona could use this sweater. I would have to knit a whole snow suit to keep a dog warm here in Maryland.

  4. I have friends who have a Basenji called Cleo(patra) (they have had others in the past as well, Ptolemy – Egyptian theme here! – Mitzi and Copper), and since Cleo is 18 1/2 and feels the cold easily, I thought that this would be good for Yvonne to knit for her. So I go to print the pattern out, and unfortunately my colour cartridge is running low – on yellow and cyan by the looks of it, so it printed out *very pink* indeed!

  5. hi Staci,
    I have a Basenji, Honey that I just love and want to make your dog sweaters.
    But do you have any simplier pattern I’m new at knitting snd just learned knitting on circular needles
    thank you so much God bless, Linda

  6. Just wanted to coment on the sweater very nice , but the dog in the back I’m sorry to ask but I would swear that looks identical to mine I can’t believe it when I saw it , I have been trying to track down info of my dogs line and not getting very far, just wanted to say beautiful sweater and beautiful dogs.

  7. Hello! Thank you so much for the free pattern for Ike’s Collegiate Sweater. The leg hole part of the pattern is confusing me, how do you knit to scrap yarn?

    K6, K next 10 stitches on to a piece of scrap yarn, slide those 10 sts back to the left needle and
    knit them again with the working yarn. K to last 16 sts, K the next 10 stitches on to a piece of
    scrap yarn, slide those sts back to the left needle and knit them again with the working yarn, K to

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