Evil Insects and Re-Purposed Yarn

This has been the norm for my bedroom for the last several days:

I’m washing and reblocking all of the handknits I wore this winter. Then I will carefully wrap each one in tissue paper and store them in a bin until next fall.

Wow, right? I’m so responsible and I take such good care of my things! Responsible Adult Award goes to Staci!

Not really. I have to learn most of my lessons the hard way, and this was no exception. I learned this latest lesson from…


I left my handknits folded in my closet last summer, and when I pulled them out in the fall, I saw that MOTHRA had made a snack of one of my socks.

Never again! I’m storing everything in bins this year. Mothra can go back to Godzilla and leave my wool alone.

This project has started me on another project. As I’m choosing the handknits to wash, I’m also creating a pile of stuff I didn’t wear this winter. I plan to unravel and reknit each one into something else. I’ve already started this project, in fact.

This is my 28thirty, a totally cute sweater that I never wore. The proportions ended up being wrong on me, I guess.

Rrrrrip! That sweater is gone. Now I have a new sweater I will actually wear.

Do I look unsure of myself here? Maybe it’s because I’ve abandoned my photo project and I hadn’t taken a self-portrait in over three months.

Next up for unraveling: Ivy. Again, a totally cute sweater that I will never wear. This yarn is too nice to go to waste.

3 comments on “Evil Insects and Re-Purposed Yarn

  1. I’d love to know what you didn’t like about Ivy. I’ve had in my mind to make a sweater that style (wrap & a bit long) for a while now.

  2. Sam – Ivy is a cute sweater, really. But every time I’d go to put it on with an outfit, it didn’t work. If you look at the FOs on Ravelry, other people seem to like it better than I do!

  3. In my quest to find a sweater pattern I like..Ivy is one of my considerations.
    Was it color, or style that didn’t work for you & your outfits?

    And I so totally like the 2nd version of the red sweater, soo much better than the first. The first looks … well.. too late 80’s/early 90’s and just doesn’t suit you. Probably because it hides your neck and makes you look frumpy. I don’t blame you for not wearing it.

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