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  1. I’m kitting a cabled hat where the pattern asks me to knit a band, sew the ends of the band. Then to continue, the stitches have to be picked around edge of band and joined to work in the round.I have picked up the stitches using DPN from rt to left and now have thread hanging from the right needle with the work attached below the needles.How do I continue to join and work in the round??

  2. Hi. Thanks for the video. Why do I want to use a stitch marker and do I keep bringing it forward ?

  3. Hi, great videos question, I am knitting in the round now if I need to go back to back and forth, how do you do that I’m knitting a circle?I’ m confused, help!!!!!

  4. To go from knitting in-the-round to knitting flat again, just stop at the stitch where you want the break, and turn your work to work a wrong-side row. Work back across to the break again, turn the work, and work a right side row. Depending on the size of your tube, you may need to turn the work inside-out to work a wrong side row.

    S t a c i

  5. Argh!!!!! There is no video!!!!! I was introduced to your website via knitting paradise website and have found all your tutorials etc very easy to follow. Having decided to take the plunge and start working on circulars, mainly making hats for neo natal icu, I ended up with this horrible gap thing where I joined. I’m trying to do the magic loop.
    Do you have the video anywhere else? Kind regards Megan

  6. Hi Staci,
    I’ve watched your video countless times yet for some reason I’m ending with a long tail and gap between the first stitch I knit to join in round and the last stitch at the end of the round. I’ve tugged and pulled to try and close the gap but it doesn’t work. I’m so frustrated with myself because your video makes it look so easy. I’ve checked other You tube vids and there is only one video that actually mentions the gap but it’s treated like no big deal. Can you help and even better post a video addressing this?
    Love Love your videos BTW!

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