7 comments on “Purl Front & Back (pfb)

  1. These are great! What a great idea to provide people a video tutorial to follow along with sock pattern, especially! I know that when I first started, it would have helped me so much to see people doing techniques in real life instead of trying to figure out what the pictures in my pattern books were trying to show!! You rock!

  2. Staci – I’ve been doing my pfb stitches as you recommend – purling the back first – but does that make it look any different than it would the regular way? Thank you for your help – I absolutely love your videos and patterns, and you are the best teacher ever.

  3. Pammie – yes, there is a slight difference. I suggest you work each one side-by-side and take a look for yourself…easier than me trying to explain it!
    S t a c i

  4. Hi Staci,
    My pattern in reverse ss asks for increases at each end of the purl rows. Would you do this by purling back and front or by make one purl wise.I’ve watched both your videos and can’t make up my mind.
    Thank you

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