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  1. Love this, Staci! Unfortunately, I bought Superwash for my first yarn and I’ve read spit splicing won’t work for that. So how do you splice/join that kind of yarn??

  2. Good question, Doug. You can only spit-splice with 100% animal fiber, non-superwash. You’ll need to watch my video titled “Changing Colors” to see how to attach a new ball of yarn.

    S t a c i

  3. Hi Staci, I am using Berroco Souffle’ yarn for a project and need to add my second ball of yarn. It is 34% Wool, 17% Alpaca and 49% Acrylic, will this spit splice for me? Want to be sure before putting this fuzzy fiber in my mouth. . . yuk! Thanks so much, as always I LOVE your videos and tell everyone I know and knit with about your site.

  4. Wonderful procedure! I spin my own wool so this is great for me when I’m knitting it. I got really bored with weaving in the ends. Thanks for another great tip

  5. can you spit splice the yarn for seaming a sweater, if you run out midway, or forget to leave a tail of yarn in the right place?

  6. Claire – if the yarn will felt together strongly, yes. But it has to be a really strong join, because you’re constantly pulling on the yarn while you’re seaming. I usually opt to start with a new piece of yarn if I run out while seaming, and just weave in the extra ends.

    S t a c i

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