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  1. I’ve been knitting for 8 years or so and NEVER picked up my wrapped stitches correctly. Basically, I just ignored the wrap and kept on knitting! Thank you – now I’m going to have to start a sock tonight. I hope I get to the short-row heel before morning because I’m anxious to try this out! I’ve sent this link to every knitter in my family, and we all love them. Thanks so much!

  2. OMG this is a most website. Not only Does Staci have excellent pronunciation, but she is very clear with instructions. Her speed in which she demonstrates is perfect, the video also. I’m like hooked seeing what I do know and not know. I’m going to share this website with e erroneous who is a knitter! I wish you were in my area but I’m from NJ so I won’t be able to meet you in person. Love the free patterns.

  3. Hi Staci: Thanks again for your website. You are my favourite web star. I still consider myself a novice but I am working on a cardigan that is requiring miles and miles of knitting. I am approaching the end of the cardigan and using wrap and turns and I guess I feel I’m not bright enough to figure out why they are used. It looks like there will be about 10 rows ending in wrap and turns so does it mean the stitches wrapped in the first row are stretched to keep up with the rest of the rows. Did I express that correctly? I’m chuffed about getting so far on a project like this and I am doing all because of everything I have learned from you. Thanks again for your knowledge and willing to share all of us.

  4. Hi Patricia – you said that you’re approaching the end of the cardigan, but you didn’t tell me whether that was the top or bottom of the sweater. 🙂 Regardless, wraps & turns provide shaping. At the top of a sweater, it can give a little extra lift at the back of the neck, denoting the front of the sweater from the back. At the bottom of a sweater, it can give a little extra length to the back bottom, or a little “ease” at the bum.

    I don’t know what pattern you are using, but those are two examples of how w&ts can provide shaping in sweaters.
    S t a c i

  5. Thank you staci your site is great! She is very clear and her instructions are wonderful, it’s like her beinging in my living room ,

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