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Back on December 14, 2007, I started a photography project. One self-portrait a day, posted to flickr, for one year. I decided to do it for two reasons. First, as a diary. I took the photos I wanted to show myself when I’m older. Second, to get better at photography. On December 14, 2008 I completed the project.

I gave myself a couple of weeks without taking photos, then on December 31, 2008 I started a new project. I still took a photo everyday and posted it to flickr, but they didn’t have to be selfies this time. Any ol’ photo would do.

I did well on this project for a while, then I lost my mojo. I would miss days at a time, then post photos I wasn’t really proud of. On December 6th of last year, 324 days into the project, I hit ‘Pause’. I didn’t give up on the project, but I decided to allow myself some time to get my mojo back.

365 YIP, day 324

Tick-tock, tick-tock, time passed. I didn’t think much about photos at all, and I even found it difficult to remember to pull out my camera for important things! How easy it was to get out of the habit. Then, a few weeks ago, I found myself sort of sad that I didn’t take many photos anymore. I actually caught myself thinking this: I wish I had a reason to MAKE myself take photos again.

DUH, Staci! Dummy! You paused your photo project! Hit ‘PLAY’!

So I did. I’m only a few days into resuming the project, but the mojo is there. I’m enjoying it again, and even working to understand more elements of photography and light. Someday I might make the brave move to change my camera settings to something other than “auto”.

365 YIP, day 325

365 YIP, day 326

365 YIP, day 327

365 YIP, day 328

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  1. Glad the photo mojo is back! Shooting and/or posting daily photos is much more challenging than it sounds. Congrats for resuming your project.

  2. Love Love LOVE! your photo’s but I also LOVE that off shoulder sweater you have on. Do you have a pattern for that?

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