Learn to Knit an Aran Shawl

Intimidated by the twists and turns of traditional Irish Fisherman knitting? This shawl is a good place to start learning how to manage a cable needle and read the charts.

This pattern is available two ways – either as a pattern with instructional videos, or as a pattern only.

Materials Needed:
• Yarn: 400 grams worsted-weight wool (about 600 yards)
• Needles: Size 7 US circulars or straights
• Additional Materials: row counter (or more than one), cable needle, stitch markers, tapestry needle

The pattern + links to five instructional videos is $8.00 via PayPal.

The pattern alone is $3.00 via PayPal.

Here is the introduction to the instructional videos. Man, I wish I could capture a better still than this, I look very goofy.

25 comments on “Learn to Knit an Aran Shawl

  1. Staci is a darling knitter and has the best tutorials on the web! I love her easy and affordable patterns plus her easy-going way of teaching her work with class and style. I love the way she models her patterns and knitted creations. Her Youtube videos are the greatest! Staci you are the BEST!

  2. Love this pattern. Can you do a tutorial on how to make that Afghan blanket with tassals? It looks so gorgeously comfy!

  3. Hi Helen – this Aran Shawl tutorial will give you the skills you need to knit larger Aran items like the afghan, or a Fisherman’s Sweater, or any other larger project with cables. The afghan I show in the video is not my own pattern, so I won’t be doing a tutorial on that – sorry. 🙂

    S t a c i

  4. I love the aran scarf and would love to buy the pattern but I would like to know if it is a worded pattern or a charted pattern. I tried buying a charted pattern and it would not show up very readable when I printed it. I tried multiple printers. Would the video come with a pattern?
    Thank you, Christine

  5. Christine – the pattern is charted. I’ve never had anyone complain or mention that the chart was difficult to read, however.

    S t a c i

  6. Staci
    I just wanted to thank you for your tutorials. They are so easy to follow. I’ve taken some knitting classes and the instructors seem to get up set if I ask them to repeat their instructions. With your videos all I have to do is repeat them. You explain what you are doing so very well. Thanks so much.

  7. tienes algunos videos en español? seria de gran ayuda. muchas gracias. Desde la ciudad de México. Saludos

  8. Hola. Haces unos trabajos increíbles. Felicidades!! gracias por mostrarlos.
    Me sorprendió mucho como unes los estambres (hilos) estuve buscando por mucho tiempo como hacer la unión…. y sorpresa! lo haces increible en el sombrero. Ojalá hicieras un solo video para enseñarnos cómo unirlos. Gracias nuevamente. Ana

  9. Ana – usted puede hacer clic en el botón “CC” en la parte inferior del reproductor de vídeo y seleccione “Español” como idioma. Entonces todos los títulos estarán en español.

    S t a c i

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  11. Hi Staci
    Today I purchased the Aran scarf pattern & UTube tutorials. I enjoyed the tutorials that I saw, BUT #4 would not run. It seems that there is important information in #4 tutorial. Can you help?

  12. Hi Marilyn – all of the videos are running fine and accessible – not sure why you’re having trouble. You may want to try watching the videos using a different browser. Sometimes people find that that clears their cache and helps. You may want to also try running another YouTube video, then going back to the tutorial. Please let me know if you’re still having trouble…not sure what to tell you right now, since the video is running fine for everyone else.

    S t a c i

  13. I just finished watching the videos. I’m not sure what I did but this time everything worked fine.

    I feel much better about working the aran stitches after the videos. Thanks for your great tutorials.

  14. Hi Staci! Can you tell me the yarn you used in your shawl? I’ve recently purchased this pattern and am looking for the yarn.
    Thanks so much for all your wonderful patterns and great tutorials!

  15. Glynda – the yarn I used for this is Rowan Magpie, a yarn that has since been discontinued. You can achieve the same results as I did with any worsted/heavy worsted/aran weight yarn.

    S t a c i

  16. Hi Stacie, I want to make this special for my mil for Christmas. Planning ahead for once. Can you please tell me if doing a swatch to test for blocking what the best knit stitches to use? I am thinking I will use a yarn with some cashmere. Also, does this pattern curl at all?
    Thanks very much.

  17. Michelle – you can swatch in the double-moss stitch used in the pattern. Since exact size isn’t an issue in a shawl (as it would be in a sweater or hat or gloves), gauge doesn’t matter all that much as long as you like the fabric you’re creating. But you do want to make sure that the yarn you’re using shows off the stitches, and isn’t (for example) fuzzy and hiding the stitches. Double-moss stitch should give you a good idea.

    To answer your second question – no, this shawl lies flat and does not curl.

    S t a c i

  18. Thank you! I didn’t think about fuzzy yarn. I know you probably can’t recommend a brand so I will investigate soft & good stitch definition. If you would like to recommend…please do! 🙂

  19. Hi Stacy, i wandered if the stitch repeats in this pattern can be repeated several times to make an entire blanket instead of seaming the strips together. Thanks!

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