My Bad

I read somewhere that Basenjis are difficult to train because they need to repeat an action or hear a command FORTY times before they learn it. This is complete hogwash. Basenjis only need to experience something ONCE for it to become a habit, provided it is a habit they enjoy doing. The video below is proof.

Here’s the story…bedtime is usually a very calm and quiet routine at my house. The dogs are always sacked-out by 8pm, and when I’m ready for bed I take their collars and turn off the lights in the house. Then they follow me into my bedroom to continue sleeping. Calm.

I made a mistake last week that upset this applecart. Abe was being silly at bedtime, and he tried to get Tippy to play with him. I thought it was cute and funny, so I very foolishly encouraged the behavior by roughhousing a bit with Abe. Tippy and Ike joined in, and it became a complete circus. A totally fun circus, yes, but a very bad idea at bedtime.

So this is what I’m left with. Three dogs that have adopted a new bedtime routine that includes behaving like crazed monkeys. Enjoy my pain in HD quality.

9 comments on “My Bad

  1. That is so funny! Abe and Tippy look adorable with their matching curly tails. Also loved Tippy’s race track laps around the bed. He’s an agile little guy. If they continue, you might have to crawl under the bed with Ike

  2. Welcome to my world. Most nights are like this at my house — except Pona & Kate are even more vigorous in their roughhousing. I will say that it has calmed down in the last few weeks — Pona is being like unto Ike and crawling under the bed first thing. Then he come out to wrestle. I totally could have guessed that Tippy would be the ringleader in all this!

  3. I love when they get ‘the zoomies’ When my dog runs for speed her feet are close together but when she’s got that kind of energy – she’s all over the place, feet all wide apart and going in every direction. And you can’t help but laugh can you?

    I hope you weren’t up too late that night!

  4. That’s too funny! I love Tippy’s moves at the beginning. I thought for sure a third basenji was going to join in the fun, but apparently Ike was the wise one opting for a nap under the bed at that hour. Good luck getting bedtime back on track!

  5. Raisin and Reo are trying to get a similar something going. I just shur out the light and that seems to help.

  6. Oh Man! I know midnight is not the best time, but I miss rippers. Kona is so old and Jubilee is gone so we don’t get them anymore. So much joy and life in them. Love it!

  7. my cats do a similar thing. only they use the whole house instead of just the bed. i call it “tweaker hour”. it seems to happen right around the same time of night, every night. it’s best to just pull your feet up and wait for it to pass.

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