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  1. Hi love your videos.

    Could a 3 needle bind off be done on a basic mans sweater. I was thinking of the side seams. Its so neat.


  2. HI Ginny – yes, this bind-off is very neat, but you can’t use it for side seams (unless you’re knitting a sideways sweater, and using a provisional cast-on, blah, blah, blah.) It can only be used where you have live stitches, which is typically at the shoulder seams, or the top of a hood.

    S t a c i

  3. Thanks Staci

    That makes sense – when I read it I can see how it would not work for side seams.

    I am a bit slow sometimes!!


  4. Staci, Thank you SO much for all your knitting help videos! I just crossed a pattern calling for the 3 needle bind off and needed a refresher. I came to you first and guess what?! You had it!! I use your site very regularly and love everything about it!! Thank you again!!

  5. I just used this tutorial to seam the shoulders of a sleeveless tank. I love these videos. Every time I am working on a new pattern and something comes up that I haven’t done before, I can always count on you to have a quick, concise, perfect video! Thanks so much!

  6. Hi Staci, I have downloaded from Ravelry and started the Mimi hooded scarf, a project I’ve been looking for a long time. I have a question. When you are ready to finish the hood, you say fold the hood in half and do a three needle cast off. When you fold it in half (right sides together) you’re bringing the cast on edge up to the last row of knitting with “live” stitches, right? So what do you do with the cast on edge which has no live stitches? Do you pick up stitches along this edge to correspond with the live stitches so you can do the three needle cast off? I’ve seen your video on this cast off method, and you’re using dp needles. The hood has 98 stitches, so how do you do this? I’ve never done this cast off method before, but it looks very easy. Can you shed some further light on this? Thanks so much, I am very impressed with your expertise! I consider myself a very advanced knitter from early childhood many, many years ago, but I am always excited about learning something new, and thanks to you and other experts, I am! Hope to hear from you.

  7. Barbara – the 3-needle BO is worked with live stitches only. In the hooded scarf pattern, you’re grafting half of the live hood stitches to the other half, by folding the hood in half. No cast-on row is involved.

    S t a c i

  8. I am working the same pattern as Barbara, and ran into the same question…So to clarify, when the work measures the 11 inches called for, it will be on one needle. I divide onto two needles to “fold in half”, and use a third for the 3 needle bind off? Am I understanding correctly?


  9. Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for and again you explained it really well. Now I can finish my scarf!

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