Tunisian Crochet

Tunisian crochet is an awesome technique that my family has used for generations, but I have found that there is little known about it with fiber people nowadays. In my family, we have always called it “the afghan stitch”. It works up like a cross between knitting and crochet. Tunisian crochet hooks are long (10” or more), and stitches are held on the hook much like a knitting needle. To compare it further to knitting, it is sort of like picking up and binding-off stitches every row.

I created this video to help with a pattern I released earlier this year – Lone Star Baby Crib Blanket.

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  1. I am a self taught knitter as well as a Texas gal. I saw the blanket and just had to figure out how to do it. I love the ease of the directions and the fact I can refer back to this site to make sure I am doing it right. I also have 3 girls and trying to teach them knitting has been difficult… not anymore. Thank you for all the wonderful tutorials. now how can I teach a lefty since I’m not. LOL

  2. Hello, I want to make a small blanket using the tunisian crochet; however, I do not know what hook to use. Do you recommend a specific size hook? Ay brand recommendation?

  3. Hi Martha – I really recommend that you find a pattern on Ravelry, and use the yarn weight and hook size that they recommend for the pattern. That will give you much better results than trial and error!

    Here are the results for a Ravelry search I did for “tunisian blanket”:

    I don’t recommend one brand of hook over the other – I just use whatever is available at the craft store.

    Hope that helps!
    S t a c i

  4. Hey Staci! I am finally starting precious Texas Flag blanket and have a question about the cross stitch. How many pieces of embroidery thread do you use for it? Do you knot it or try and weave the ends in? I’m not a cross stitcher so I don’t know where the best place to start the star is. At the top? In the center? I’m concerned my stitches will unravel unless I can secure them somehow.

    Peggy Schaefer

  5. Peggy – I used a single strand of yarn for the star, and I tied knots on the back of the work to secure the ends. You’ll have the best luck starting at the top of the star and working your way down. I’m working on a Tunisian crochet tutorial right now, which should be available before the end of the year, which will include cross stitching.

    S t a c i

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